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 Seba Valchek

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Seba Valchek _
PostSubject: Seba Valchek   Seba Valchek Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 8:39 am

Name: Seba X. Valchek ((Say-ba. Not Sea-ba.))
Age: 25 (February 11th 1985)
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: short, spiky; blonde
Eyes: green
Abilities: hand-to-hand combat, advanced weapons training, accuracy, persuasion, enhanced hearing.
Likes: alcohol, thermal hot springs, Reuben sammiches
Dislikes: stupidity
Weapons: two .40 Glock 27 with extended magazines, Ka-bar, the kilij.
Story: Born in Norune near the Dessarian border, Seba grew up constantly aware of the Dessarian currency and what it was worth in the changing outside economy; above or underground. With no siblings, her parents were devoted to her; keeping her safe from the numerous highwaymen and slavers that frequently patrolled Norune. This did not last forever however, as one day robbers burnt their house down; forcing Seba over the Norune/Dessaria border at ten.

Being found by a Dessarian nomadic tribe, Seba was considered valuable for having come from Norune. Used as a translator for a period of time, she was eventually accepted as a full member of the clan and was trained as a mercenary; but never allowed to receive any of their precious ritualized weapons. After a particular skirmish with another tribe however, Seba's kilij was given to her by a dying friend; the weapon subsequently bonded to her as if she had gone through the ceremony to receive it herself. Because of it bonding to her, she was promptly dismissed from the tribe. Seba headed northwest; ending in Gaia after a number of weeks.

Seba met Lepper in a Durem bar by chance. The locals seemed to not be fond of Aekeans, and Seba wasn’t about to let a good bar fight go to waste. Stepping in and aiding the stranger, the fight quickly ended. Lepper offered her a job, and Seba accepted his invitation into the Winged Foxes. She now works as a procurer of questionable goods for the WFAP, with undisclosed methods or amounts of payment; as well as a translator, being that she was put through the intense Norune language educational system while she was still in her native country. Her mercenary side is not forgotten, and she is known from time to time to act up accordingly.

Arcand- fluent
Dessarian- fluent
La’han- passable
Levanian- passable
Seranto- passable
USL- fluent
Xoulin- moderate
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Seba Valchek

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