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PostSubject: Medic   Medic Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 9:30 am

Name: Alison “Medic" Bunting
Age: 25 (January 7th, 1985)
Height: 5' 3" (5' 5" with high heels on)
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: long, ponytail; red
Eyes: olive
Abilities: advanced medical/medicinal knowledge, advanced surgery, accuracy
Likes: cigarettes, sleep
Dislikes: Mac, being woken up
Weapon: Smith and Wesson 9mm
Story: Alison was born to a good family. She excelled through school, and entered Durem University when she was only 16. Alison graduated with honors three years later in the study of medicine. It was during college that she gained the nickname Medic; as well as having met her husband, which promptly after graduation she married. Medic returned to Durem University to receive a doctorate, while at the same time she began her career in medical research. Too soon after however, her husband was called off and became a field surgeon. Though her husband's work, he met Mac; and the two became close friends. However, one day there was a shelling, and the medical tent was targeted; leaving Medic's husband dead, despite Mac's best efforts. Medic does not blame Mac for her husband's death, but there has always been animosity between the two of them due to it.

Medic specializes in surgery and diagnostics. Due to the Panteran named Felix becoming part of the Winged Fox crew, she is the world’s leading expert in Panteran physiology.
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