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 On-Site Ranking System

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On-Site Ranking System _
PostSubject: On-Site Ranking System   On-Site Ranking System Icon_minitimeSun Jul 04, 2010 11:18 pm

The on-site ranking system is based on the users current ranking within the Winged Foxes, which are as follows:

O-5 Captain
O-4 First Mate, Commissar
O-3 Lieutenant
O-2 Master
O-1 Warrant Officer
E-5 Quartermaster - 5000 Posts
E-4 Staff Sergeant - 2500 Posts
E-3 Sergeant - 1000 Posts
E-2 Corporal - 500 Posts
E-1 Recruit - 0 Posts

New members start off at the basic level of 'Recruit'. In order to climb up the ranking ladder, one must show dedication to the Foxes, show high levels of skill, grit and determination in on-site role play battles. Promotions are given at the digression of the Officers, which are discussed by a panel of the Site Admins and other Officers.

Non-Officer ranks may be obtained by gaining the required number of posts made in the forums.* However, if the majority of posts are found to be spam messages, the user may be demoted/banned if found guilty.

One may not put themselves forward for promotion, but must be recommended by an officer to the panel.

Officers may put forward users for promotion either in the IM clients, PM to admins or leaving a message below.

*Number of posts required may change dependant on number of users on certain steps of the ranking ladder.
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On-Site Ranking System

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