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Mac _
PostSubject: Mac   Mac Icon_minitimeMon Jul 05, 2010 6:10 am

Name: Mac  (Real name: Mackenzie Holliday)
Age: 25  (September 12th, 1984)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 150lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Arcand (Native Tongue)
Seranto (Moderate)
Abilities: Jumping from Airplanes, On site First Aid, Veteran from Past Wars, Angering Medic, carrying 2 times his body weight.
Likes: Alcohol, Cigarettes, Sarcasm
Dislikes: Medic, No sleep, Seba
Weapons: Sawed off 10-gauge Coach gun, Boarding Axe, Ka Bar knife, Bowie Knife, Colt M1917 .45APC Revolver
Story: Mac was a bit of a slacker when he was a kid. Southern Durem born and raised, medicine was FAR from his call of duty. He soon joined up with the army and began to practice medicine there. When war broke out, he was assigned to a field hospital as a combat medic, then met up with one "Doc" Bunting, a field surgeon. The two were fast friends. He learned a bit about him and his having a wife. A shelling ended up taking Doc's life, and Mac was left with telling his wife what had happened.

He's known to be somewhat of a hot head when it came to combat experience, but tended to always crack a sarcastic remark. He holds quite a bit of animosity towards Medic for her making his life a living hell, as well as his self-believed "Blood debt" to her for having lost her husband during the war.
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