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 Allestrial 'Victoria' Adamani ~ replacing Dormant Evil

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Allestrial 'Victoria' Adamani     ~ replacing Dormant Evil _
PostSubject: Allestrial 'Victoria' Adamani ~ replacing Dormant Evil   Allestrial 'Victoria' Adamani     ~ replacing Dormant Evil Icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 1:04 pm

Name: Allestrial Victoria Adamani
Age: 27 (August 11th, 1983)
Nationality: Levanian
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 135lbs.
Hair: Black, long and straight
Eyes: Blue, with dark outer ring

Clothing/Appearance: Although she still keeps her old Levanian uniform in storage, she now wears more WFAP friendly attire. She is fond of the comfortable knee length dark brown leather jacket, black pants, black boots and cream shirts she wears. Her long hair is left down unless inspecting the more mechanical sections of the airship. She has never been one to wear make-up but was blessed with a clean pale complexion and long dark eyelashes. Although not of model beauty, she has a foreign quality that many find attractive.

Personality: Sometimes Allestrial, nick named Alle {L-E} or Victoria, can be seen as calculating and somewhat cold to people. But in truth she once cared far to much about individual souls, and lost many of her comrades in a fatal decision during her non-commissioned officer days on board a Levanian Submarine. Now, after deserting during the time the Winged Foxes had to rescue their own airship captains, Ceres and Evil, she is slowly beginning to rid herself of those old ways. And of course, the Levanian military isn't around to promote cheerful happy feelings. But although never speaking of it, she thinks that the WFAP is a lazy and undisciplined group of people who need to learn faster, work harder and produce a better result. She is feared in some ways by her own crew, but runs her ship tightly.

Abilities: Excellent airship captaining skills, single wing propeller aircraft pilot (minor), great with heights and depths, parachuting (minor), moderate submarine skills (old career). Fencing/sword fighting (boarding school and academy).

Languages: Levanian (native tongue)
Arcand (well)

Likes: Absinthe (thanks to Winged Fox trade with Levania), strong liquor, flying, combat, writing, strong coffee.

Dislikes: Lazy crew, being grounded, not flying, dandies, eccentrics, tall poppies (people who are full of themselves).

Weapons: 2 x M1911A1 Colt .45's, Rapier, M4 Carbine + scope (locked up).

Story: During her youth in Levania, Allestrial was drafted into the Navy and worked in remote docks and on submarines. As an enlisted seaman she studied hard, not resenting the draft as she found the work challenging and rewarding. During her first combat mission on board a small diesel submarine she worked in the boiler room, later on as a NCO she was posted in that sector to oversea optimum running and operation of the engine room. Her Captain at the time could see her progress in studies and looked on her skills with admiration, but he was also strict. Sending her to the engine rooms, one of the hardest sectors to work in, to toughen her body and mind to hard work.

Her skills and scores equaled his own by the time she was twenty six, surprising even the Admiral. The Levanian Navy made her undertake many IQ tests, before realizing that she had prodigy like intelligence. This would have put her at the top of the list when promotion time came around, if not for a fatal incident when out on deployment.

She had just reached the minimum rank required for consideration for Officer status. They had been moving along at a decent speed on patrols when the engine room sparked and a fire erupted. Her orders under these circumstances were to close up all hatches, and let the men working there put the fires out or die. This was to save the rest of the ship.

But her best comrades worked in there, and she took the chance on sending more men to assist. Little did anyone know that a leak had been slowly sending small amounts of flammable gas into a compartment a few hatches down. And soon, both the gas and flames combined causing an explosion that ripped out the side of the engine room, flooding four compartments.

Allestrial managed, with the help of the crew to close one of the hatches before the water swamped them. But fifteen men had lost their lives to the explosion and another five had died getting caught in the flooding compartments. Her actions on that day put her back to enlisted ranks, with any chance of a promotion strongly halted by her superiors.

Later, there was a chance meeting between the WFAP and herself, and she deserted her homeland. They would not see her promise of a great career in the Navy anymore, she was wasted cleaning submarines. Her arrival coincided with the tragedy surrounding the attempted rescue of the WFAP airship captains from the Royalist mansion.

Apparently, by the end of that day, the WFAP were grateful enough for Allestrial's submarine piloting skills. And so now, she replaces the lost Airship Captain, Dormant Evil-Sama.
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Allestrial 'Victoria' Adamani ~ replacing Dormant Evil

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