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 Lawrence Hemingway III

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Lawrence Hemingway III _
PostSubject: Lawrence Hemingway III   Lawrence Hemingway III Icon_minitimeSat Jul 17, 2010 11:12 am

Name: Lawrence Hemingway III
Age: 24 (April 25, 1986)
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 160lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Abilities: Demolitions, Wilderness Survival, Being Lazy, Smacking his head against the low airship doorways.
Likes: Sofa, Canned foods, Beer, Any form of entertainment to keep him on said sofa, card games
Dislikes: Being heir to the Hemingway International Fortune, rude people, anyone from the Arcand Colonies of Ino-Kai
Weapons: HG7 Socrates handgun, L30 Spartan assault rifle, SG20 Bulldog submachine gun
Story: He was born into a world of silver spoons and butlers, but was always fussy. The youngest of three children, his elder brother and sister both embraced their luxurious lifestyles with open arms, while young "Lawry" went around causing mischief outside in the woods of the Arcand Home Isle as well as at his Illustrious All Boys Academy.

His father tended to always take him out to Randers to hike and explore the harsh landscape there. He enjoyed every minute of it. Every year for a month, they would venture out to Randers and try to "survive".

When his father died of an illness, to young Lawrence's wish, his father was buried in Randers. During the funeral, he ran off from the family, then ended up joining the Randers Secret Assault Expeditionary Force (SAEF, known as the Safeties).

He graduated as top of his class of two in the Safeties academy, specializing in demolitions. Despite him being a good soldier, whenever he was at rest, he tended to sleep away the days on the sofa, acting anything BUT rich. He's embraced the lifestyle.

After going to Gaith to convince Serenity Industries to make a weapons line collaboration with HDI, he met up with the Foxes and joined up with them immediately, taking his lazy demeanor to the limit. He has recently discovered the joys of canned food.
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Lawrence Hemingway III

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