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 Dessarian Badlands

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PostSubject: Dessarian Badlands   Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:34 am

Deseria was founded by Desmond Blood after seven years of war with the nomadic peoples of the Dezari desert. It has almost no resources and few areas where crops can be grown, so it has a low population, despite it's large size. The lack of water is also a problem, and the semi-frequent sandstorms make it almost a requirement to live where the rocky parts of the desert where permanent settlements can be made; but there are those who choose to live as nomads and brave the elements. Deseria permits both conscripts and slavery in its boarders.

Trade between the settlements is infrequent and the economy is therefore unusual in the sense that it based 100% in gold (i.e. the Deserian dollar is worth, and always will be worth, one ounce of gold). The Deserian dollar is 3" x 5" and printed on white paper in red ink. There are 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 4, 8, 16, 40, and 80 oz notes. Gold itself is also accepted as payment in many cases.

As for it's military, there isn't one in the usual sense, but most settlements maintain militias and many of them require that citizens join for a certain amount of time (it differs from settlement to settlement) once they come of age. The government issues country wide draft in times of conflict and most citizens accept this for if any settlement falls, all are damaged.

Deserians make adept engineers and scientists and often find interesting solutions to problems, although, they are rarely efficient and reliable. On the surface, Deserian R&D is focusing mostly on hydroponics and transportation, but there are secret projects that are focused on genetic manipulation (Project Newborn(Like what the Nazis and the USSR did, but taken a few steps further)) and the supernatural (Project Sanctuary). Both have created elite soldiers that obey orders unquestioningly, and the two projects are now being combined into one (Project Reborn).

There isn't any religion associated with Deseria, but there is an old tradition in which a person is placed in a room with the village elder (Or someone like him) and an armory's worth of weapons when (s)he comes of age (Differs in different areas, usually 16-21). The elder then conducts a ritual and low level magic causes two of the weapons in the room (one ranged (gun, crossbow, slingshot ect.) and one melee (sword, knife, quarterstaff ect.) to "choose" the individual who is having the ceremony performed on him. The individual keeps these weapons for most of their lives, a part of their soul being said to have been placed in them. Giving your ranged weapon to someone is a sign of deep affection in a friendly manner (such as giving it to someone who you have known for most of your life and has risked their life many times to save yours). Giving your melee weapon to someone is a sign of a desire to never leave one's side, many Deserian weddings feature of couples trading weapons at the end of the ceremony.

Serenity Industries is now one of the leading contractors in the region after the nation began to open its boarders to a limited number of investors. The company now supply Deseria with most of its munitions and arms, as well as providing large amounts of technology and research for Hi-Tech weaponry.
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PostSubject: Re: Dessarian Badlands   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:26 pm

Here's the Desserian National Anthem:

Come my friends!
Come my neighbors!
Together we will hold the line!

We will not falter!
We will not retreat!
Nothing will stand in our way!

If the enemy will march
Let them come
For it will be to their doom!

From the highest of peaks
To the lowest of valleys
The world will know we are brothers in blood!

So come my friends!
Come my neighbors!
Together we will hold the line!

We will not falter!
We will not retreat!
And nothing will stand in our way!
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Dessarian Badlands

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