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Gaith _
PostSubject: Gaith   Gaith Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 10:38 am

Home of the Gaithan Confederacy, made up of about four large city states.

The smallest of these are the Isle, known also as the Honamoa Isle. It is the main port of import and export of Gaith, and is home to the Native Islanders as well as the up and coming celebrities. It is also home to the largest naval base of the Confederacy.

Darenn, though not the largest city state of Gaith, is often considered the capital. It is a vast rich metropolis, supplying the economical, judicial, legislative, and executive systems to the rest of the Confederacy. They house the largest Army, Navy, and Air Force base in all of Gaith.

Second largest city state would be that of Bessener. Small towns and large farming communities are what make up this region of Gaith. It is considered the breadbasket of Gaith, and exports breads, fruits, vegetables, fish, and woodwares. They include the Bett'En Indigenous Reservations around the lake, just north of the main capital of Bessener Town, as well as the Port of Honamoa

The largest City State of all of Gaith would be Agria. Though not built up with urbanization like the others, they are a huge hub of industry and mining. Formerly the Democratic Republic of Agria (DRA), they were conquered by Gaith and put into the Confederacy. It is home to none other than the infamous Winged Fox Air Pirates.

Each of these city states is constitutionally given the right to have their own state militia under control of the state government itself. The main seats of government are the House of Governance, the House of Lords, and of course, the Presidency. The House of Governance is filled with the governors of each city state, and each city state's regional governors all elected by their respective political districts. The House of Lords is used by each city state's Lord, Lady, Baron, Baronesses, Counts, and Countesses. The members of the House of Lords fill the seats due to hereditary right, in order to honor each city state's feudal traditions.

The UGMF, or United Gaith Military Forces are the main purveyors of military rule in Gaith. They central military force that is tasked with fighting outside of Gaith, and leaving the defense of her shores to the militias. Recently, the UGMF has denied the militias of this right, due to their wars with the Anglians from Darenn, and numerous internal terrorist threats.

Serenity Industries is one of the main Military Contractors in the region, with its center of operations based in Agria and Darenn. The company has recently seen rapid expansion after taking up several contracts, including one to supply the Winged Foxes with much is its munitions, arms and aircraft.

Gaith practices slavery in more rural areas, but tend to keep it mostly unheard of in the rest of the country. Any freed slaves arriving into the country must prove their freedom with their paperwork and serve a mandatory one year tour of duty within the military before they are accepted as citizens. Otherwise, slaves are deported back to their masters or market of origin.
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