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 People's Republic of Levania

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People's Republic of Levania _
PostSubject: People's Republic of Levania   People's Republic of Levania Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 10:40 am

First established as a Tzarist monarchy in the 1500's after years of being nomadic tundra dwelling tribes, Levania rose quickly as a country of military might, and in the 1800's, having the largest military in the world. Having gone to war multiple times with the Von Helson family before they were brought into the Gaith Confederacy, Levania grew a large mistrust of the of the Gaiths, and the Anglians as well.

When the Great War (1905-1927) occurred, the growth of distrust and disillusionment with the Tzarist monarchy, as well as a large strikes on the homefront and a prolonged and near lost war with the Anglians on the Gaithan front, caused a massed Communist revolution in 1912, eventually capitulating the Tzarina and her family and sending them into exile.

Royalist rebels have since plagued the country of Levania, and even after taking the symbol of the phoenix (after rising from the ashes of the Great War and the Revolution) they have had to fight Royalists from time to time in their mountains and tundras.

The WFAP has gotten close with the current leader, Generalissimo Anya Kornilov, and has promised to help with their Royalist problem for supplies and a place of secure docking in Levania's Airship docks in their capital of Vleskograd.

Levania will be an ally to the Foxes as long as they continue to keep the Royalists at bay alongside the Levanian People's Guard.

Levania does not tolerate slavery; and those slaves that escape to Levania are given the option to perform a year of military service in exchange for naturalization into citizenship.
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People's Republic of Levania

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