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Castandor _
PostSubject: Castandor   Castandor Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 10:41 am

Castandor, like many countries, was founded on perseverance and sheer will. Originally a simple expedition in the early 1500s from the southern country of Escantor to search the foreign soil of flora and fauna, it turned into a fight for survival when the group was running dangerously low on food. When all but the last loaf of chiabatta remained, Giano Napolitano struck a life-saving miracle by coming upon an edible, but also delicious food-source that grew in great bunches: grapes, or as the Castandorans would soon call it: uva. With the bountiful fruit in their bellies, they were able to discover more and more valuable sources. Bringing back what they found, the expedition gained great fame and sparked the eternal flame of Llanura del Norte, which would begin the migration of many Escantorans to the great expanse that is Castandor.

The landmass of Castandor is roughly 321,248 kmĀ² in area. Two bodies of water surround the country: the Medrano Sea and the Ocean of Megdaglia Dorro. Castandor has highly fertile soil in the majority of the country, save some various spots in the higher elevations. There are two major volcanoes in Castandor: Mariando, which has been dormant for centuries, and DiMarci. Crops native to Castandor are grapes, olives, and wheat. Various produce thrive in the soil, which accounts for Castandor's thriving economy.

Castandor has a fairly small military force, enough to defend the country. It is a peaceful country, and has yet to embark in campaigns of war.

Due to the large need for labor within the region with its farming of olives, grapes, and wheat, the institution of slavery is permitted within its borders.
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