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 Samuel Garwood

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Samuel Garwood _
PostSubject: Samuel Garwood   Samuel Garwood Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 9:27 pm

Name: Samuel "Serenity" Garwood
Age: 30 (Dob: 7th May 1980)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair: Shortish length, Silver/White
Eyes: Blue
Diet: Omnivore - LOVES Pork
Clothing: Casual: Black Canvas Shoes, Blue Jeans and a Hoodie of Some Sort
Abilities: Faster Healing (takes 1/10th of the time to heal), Marksman, Highly Trained Pilot, Enhances Sight, Hearing and Smell.
Weakness: Alcohol. Mentioning wife and kids. Long to seek other half.
Weapons: Modified EM-2 "Janson Rifle"
Arcandian - Fluent
Deserian - Average
Levanian - Average
Seranto - Weak
Story: Born into a successful, wealthy Arcandian/Aekean family. Father was Weapons Contractor, mother died in childbirth. With the loss of his mother at a very young age, Samuel grew up mainly with his father, who although was away on business often, made sure that he maintained a health relationship with his son.

Attended boarding school till the age of 18, then attending Aekean College of Technology and Business, before graduating from Aekea University with a Major in Business. After the assassination of father in 2003, Samuel went into a deep period of alcohol abuse, that to this day still haunts him. In April 2006, Samuel re-established his father's Weapons Contractor Company, renaming it "Serenity" Industries.

It was on June 2006, the Samuel met future wife (Jessica Bellano) and mother of his first child (Charlie Garwood). Married in September, first child born in August 2007 (Charlie). However, marriage did not end well, when both Jessica and Charlie perished after an attempted assassination on Samuel's life ended with the detonation of families Learjet with both Jessica and Charlie onboard. Samuel lost sight in his right eye during the explosion.

In May 2008, Samuel faced a huge public uproar, when two of his business partners and childhood friends, Akamai Keiki and Alan Bartlett disappeared after a weapons deal went wrong in the Southern Regions of Deseria, something which Samuel has long denied responsible for. Soon in July 2008, Samuel bought the Mercenary Flying Corps using finances from Serenity Industries, occasionally using the MFC to carry out Peacekeeping Acts, as well as assisting other Military Organizations in the defense of Gaia.

Still head of Serenity Industries, Samuel took over from Head of Flight from Akamai Keiki soon after his disappearance, immediately opening contracts between Serenity Industries and the WFAP.

Although less involved with Serenity Industries, he still controls the company and also leads the research into Laser Technologies, as well as personalised Mechanized Personal Suites for private use.
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Samuel Garwood

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