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 Te'j Rhar

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Te'j Rhar _
PostSubject: Te'j Rhar   Te'j Rhar Icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2010 4:05 pm

Name: Te'j Rhar
Age: 23
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120 lbs, entirely lean muscle
Hair: Blonde, long, ponytail
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Light tan
Diet: Cannibalistic
Languages: Southeastern Kaijean, Arcand
Weapons: Lahti L-35, Thompson with a folding wire stock and suppressor, small composite bow, 10-inch single-edged knife made from bone
Clothing: Brown trenchcoat/shoes/pants/fedora, red dress shirt, black tie, small bone necklace, satchel.

Te'j grew up on an island far, far away from busy Gaia, somewhere in Ino-Kai. His parents were savages that lived upon it, and they taught him many values: respect for nature, importance of exercise, and the digestion of human flesh. As he grew to the age of 17, he was slowly prepared for the rites of adulthood. But suddenly, two weeks before his birthday, the village elder dreamt of many strange signs. Flying metal birds, huge exploding cities, the wrath of the gods, things like that. The next morning, the elder took Te'j into his tent. The elder informed Te'j that many years ago, they had found him lying on a floating plank in the wreckage of a cruise ship. Noting his light skin color, they decided to adopt him instead of eat him. Along with the little cloth he was wrapped in, they found a small paperback book written in a foreign language. After handing it to him, the elder immediately forced Te'j to pack up, get in a canoe, and get out.

Two weeks passed, and Te'j landed on the shores of the Von Helson Lands. In a strange country, with nowhere to go, he fled into the forest and hunted the locals of a nearby village for over a month. Word spread of a silent killing man-beast, and eventually reached the ears of Lepper and Vedran, who happened to be in the area for an entirely unrelated issue. Upon investigating the forest, Te'j jumped Vedran, hoping for another meal. A fight broke out, but the two of them captured him and brought him back to Gaia. Finding him intriguing, they chose to teach him how to speak Arcand, and convinced him to join the Winged Foxes.

Te'j may have become used to civilization, and he may even relish it at times, but he still has some attachment to his old life. For example, Te'j thrives in muggy, hot weather. He loves strong leadership, almost bordering on micromanagement. He has fantastic tracking and hunting abilities, but mediocre survival skills. He doesn't fight fair, preferring to wait in shadows or attack when his enemy's back is turned. Against multiple targets he will most likely lose, so he tries to force one-on-one conflicts. He loves the concept of guns, and he does carry firearms, but he'd rather just stab somebody. Lastly, he still eats human flesh. Usually he gets it from the morgue, but there's nothing like the hunt for him.

Modern society has definitely influenced Te'j, but his interpretation is a bit warped. The first book he ever read was a detective novel, and that's where he gets most of his ideas about the world from. As a result, he wears very stereotypical clothing, and may spout corny one-liners. His knowledge of tracking leads him to believe he could be successful as a private eye, and will frequently turn the slightest issue into a grand mystery in his head.

Te'j prefers to follow rather than lead. He's a fair leader, but he doesn't think he's earned it. When he does lead, his actions can confuse and even terrify the enemy. In some cases, his actions may even border on war crimes. One time, he sliced off a small piece of flesh from a prisoner of war just to see what he tasted like.

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Te'j Rhar

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