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 Island Kingdoms of Ino-Kai

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Island Kingdoms of Ino-Kai _
PostSubject: Island Kingdoms of Ino-Kai   Island Kingdoms of Ino-Kai Icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2010 4:49 pm

The Island Kingdoms of Ino-Kai are a loose collective name for the 72 islands in a small cluster in the seas south of Xi-Tzu, Anilasia, Saguaria, & the Von Helson Lands. The islands are home to 84 different tribes, as taken in a census over 5 years ago. They have absolutely no permanent unification other than their immediate proximity to each other, and their temporary alliances can change on an hourly basis. The tribes of the islands all have their differences, but they do have some similarities that they share.

Most tribesmen in Ino-Kai live in makeshift tents or huts made from the local flora. The bigger the tent, the more influence that family or person has. The largest dwelling is saved for the chieftan, and the second largest for each village elder. The same general rules apply for clothing. Due to the humid and hot nature of their surroundings, occasionally no clothing is worn. Jewelry is occasionally made from human bones, but only for those who have proven themselves in battle or otherwise. Essentially, they're medals.

The language of each tribe is roughly the same, with some minor differences in pronunciation. For the most part, members of each different tribe can communicate. In rare cases, though, a compliment is interpreted as an insult. This usually only occurs between tribesmen from islands that are far apart. The results would normally be considered comedic, if they weren't so bloody. Of course, this also depends on the temperament of each tribe. As a rule, the closer an island is to the mainland, the friendlier they are. The more they are towards the center, the more vicious they tend to be. Nobody from the mainland has ever entered the 5 most centered islands, nicknamed by researchers as "The Dead Zone". You can probably guess why.

Weapons are crude, but deadly. Blowguns, spears, and clubs are the most common implements of war. Bladed weapons are almost nonexistent. Explosives are entirely unheard of. The men mainly are the wielders of these aforementioned weapons, but on occasion a strong woman may prove herself to be a competent warrior. However, seeing as how the women are mainly the gatherers and child-rearers of each village, the rare female warriors have to overcome the stigma of being a member of the "weaker" gender. Often, the way they do this is by taking prisoners of war. These prisoners are then distributed amongst the village. Naturally, the higher your rank in society, the more and better slaves you get. As well as having all the general functions a slave has, all slaves are also counted amongst the tribe's emergency food rations. This is because 99% of all tribes in Ino-Kai are cannibalistic. However, they tend to only eat their dead or use it as a punishment. Only in rare cases will a tribesman hunt a human, such as in times of low food supply. Many more tribesmen are instead used as sacrifices.

As previously stated, each tribe has a chief and at least one elder. The chief tends to run the more political side of things, such as delegating responsibilities and leading war parties. The elders focus more on the spiritual side, such as communing with spirits and handing out advice to the citizens. Their work tends to not overlap, but in the few cases where it does, a random villager is sent to kill the first creature he or she finds. Depending on the animal that is brought back, this determines who has seniority in the situation.

The names tend to be different, but overall they believe in a pantheon of 7 major gods, with another god that represents their specific tribe, and spirits for each family. All the major gods like sacrifices, but blood isn't spilled for them frequently. The tribes tend to believe that human sacrifices are only needed when the favor of a god must be entirely swayed. Therefore, they start off attempting to appeal to the god with the burning of local herbs and dancing. If it doesn't work, they'll move up to fruit, then the fauna of the island. Researchers have attempted to calculate the success rate of their rituals, but without luck. It is generally accepted by the anthropology community that while it tends to not work, some eerie events have occurred after a few of their sacrifices.
The village elder always leads the rituals that involve the entire tribe. The head of a family will lead any home rituals, which tend to be similar to the larger ones but directed towards themselves. For example, the elder will lead a ritual for good fortune for the tribe, and the head of a family will lead a ritual for good fortune for his family. The family rituals never exceed a fruit offering.
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Island Kingdoms of Ino-Kai

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