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 Loki Vi’Tleiraz

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Loki Vi’Tleiraz _
PostSubject: Loki Vi’Tleiraz   Loki Vi’Tleiraz Icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 1:36 pm

Name: Loki Vi’Tleiraz
Age: 24 [August 13th]
Nationality: Desserian
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 162lbs.
Hair: dirty blond, medium-length, and slightly wavy.
Eyes: Jade green

Appearance: His skin is a soft tan due to growing up under the harsh Dessarian sun. His eyes are a pale, crystal-looking green that always seem to be glazed over, as if he’s looking off in the distance or lost in thought. His hair is generally just let loose, falling over his eyes some and behind to his shirt collar; though, on more formal occasions he will tie it up into a tail. His attire mostly consists of bland colours. As for clothing, Loki rarely wears anything flashy. He’s usually spotted in a tank top and work jeans and boots. When the weather deems it, he does wear a dark brown leather jacket. Besides that, he wears a silver locket from his elder sister, Freya.

Personality: Loki is a carefree individual, and an intellectual. He doesn’t slack off and generally tries to keep himself working on one thing or another. He doesn’t take things too personally and rarely gets involved with people. Loki’s amicable enough in most social situations, though. He’s a decent enough fighter pilot, but is more at home in the hanger where he can fix things up. He’s an excellent engineer and mechanic, and he prefers the managerial side of warfare to actually fighting. Loki’s an excellent planner and tactician, though with the WFAP he generally tries to stick with working as a mechanic. He was at one point a high ranking member of a Norunese unit; however, he made a slight error in his planning that lead to an ambush. After losing a friend in that unit, he decided to stay out of war as much as he could. His fate, though, seems to always leave him somewhere under fire.

Abilities: Tactical planner and strategist, though he prefers to stick that to board games now. He’s a great mechanic and engineer and a decent pilot. His skills with weapons are decent, and he’s an excellent sniper; though, he fairs poorly with rapid-fire guns and handguns. He does know quite a bit of first aid and some amateur medical knowledge from his sister.

Languages: Desserian (native tongue)
Gaian (proficient)
Norunese (proficient)
Saguarian (passable)
Arcandic (poor)
Levanian (poor)

Likes: Playing board games (baduk, chess, etc.), puzzles, hunting, loyalty.

Dislikes: Whining, smooth-talkers, dumb people.

Weaponry: He carries a pair of knives in his boots. His on hand weapons are the standard handgun, and when out into the field generally a (sniper) rifle.

History: Born to a regular family in the deserts of Desseria, he grew up in a small interior village with his parents. When he was 14, and his sister 16, a raiding party from another village attacked and burned theirs to the ground. The two were taken in, thankfully by a kind member of the raiding party. As such, they weren’t subjugated to rape or slavery. As a result, the two lived the next three years in a coastal town near Norune.

That life wouldn’t last long. They soon left, with a small amount of cash provided by the raider. They moved to Norune together and lived there. Freya found work as a nurse, while Loki managed to make due with a few odd jobs. After a year, he managed to get taken up with a security contractor. Along with the general mechanic skills he learned from the raider, he managed to get a spot in the engineering side.

There he stayed for another two years before being discovered as an adept tactician. He’d managed to take over the role of their unit’s unable leader when escorting a large merchant vessel. Loki quietly got their men to defence the small pirate raiders. From then on he was promoted and became a unit leader. It was a year longer before the incident. It was just a routine escort, when a pirate group boarded their ship. They fought back, but when he ordered his men to seize the ship of the pirates, they blew it up. He lost a friend as a result, and though he couldn’t have seen it coming he realised that he didn’t want to deal with that again.

Moving again, he managed to join the Winged Foxes. There, he joined as an engineer and mechanic. He doesn’t give out any of his past besides that, generally just so he can stay in a quiet role.

In his free time, he will generally go hunting. He is an excellent shot, having steady hands. He also sometimes flies the planes he repairs. He’s not much of a fighter in them, but he does know how to fly them well and get everything out of them. It’s one of his small joys to fly, and a reason why he joined the WFAP, rather than another group that was more land based.
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Loki Vi’Tleiraz

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