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Saguaria _
PostSubject: Saguaria   Saguaria Icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 2:37 pm

South of Gaia, and North of Anilasia, sits a landmass of notable size known as Saguaria. Boarding other landmasses on all sides but for two small sea-facing corners, it is revered as an area of chaos, and the harshness of its terrain.

The people here vary from place to place; The common followed rule is that they respect the dangerous world they live in, and believe the Free Magic effects to be the work of Gods of Chaos. Saturated with this free-magic, their blood glows brightly and is visible under the skin in every area of the body, especially in the dark. With knowledge that they are different in this respect, some believe they too, are gods.
"Knowing" this, they take all others to be lesser beings, and capture them to be used as slaves for their own good. Even by those who do not believe they are gods, slaves are captured and used widely, thanks to the ferocity of their world. Some are used as bate, to test out anomalies, or to attract potentials ones to them, and not the locals.

A geographical disaster, the land swaps from grassland to tundra to desert without reason or warning.
A great Arid Desert known to the locals as Teradiemortum, or Land(of)the Dead, exists to the North-eastern side of the great continent. Here, the desert animals have grown to great sizes to combat the magical radiation the locals call Biltzrads. Their abnormal sizes persist in the epic battle for survival; bigger bodies need more water, but the smallest are eaten by the larger animals, thus maintaining a chaotic lock of the life-form's size.

The free magic here sometimes gets caught in lumps, and binds into pure life-force, akin to the kind embodied in Saguaria's infamous free-magic storms. This life-force is attracted to anything; be it a storm, the land or bodies. Few elementals roam the lands, huge blocks of terrain, such as rocks or sand, that have absorbed free life-force and become semi-alive. On occasion, the free life-force is pulled into corpses on the ground, which then continue to animate. The bodies continue to rot, and wounds persist to show signs of damaged, but the bodies do not stop until they believe they are dead. These 'walking dead' truly believe they are alive; the human walking dead have been known to believe so strongly that they are alive, they will not attack other humans. Many of these dead are harmless, if left alone and to their own devices, but if an animal was vicious in life, it usually continues to be so in death.

The great Desert Teradiemortum backs onto a frozen tundra directly, known to the locals as Teradiekatonia, or "Land of the Statue". In contrast to the barren lands of the Desert, Teradiekatonia is surprisingly alive. Trees scatter the landscape, along with all plants that can survive in the five-feet of free-fallen snow here. The snow falls almost constantly, fuelled by clouds that cover Saguaria's airspace for many months of the year.
The older trees are completely encased in ice, the younger trees coming that way. The ice and water has a habit of climbing upwards. Many a traveller has found that water drips and slides upwards upon them, usually freezing upon the surface of their skin. Many of the unlucky travellers can still be seen, frozen within ice. The free magic, and free life-force is heavy here, too. Some of the bodies encased in ice continue to move their eyes and lips, imitating life in their dead, frozen states. Some people break these people out - at which point they believe they are dead, and die instantly.

The clash of cold, and hot air creates violent storms, which - what with the free-magic drenched air - become free-magic storms. Lightening strikes continuously within them, over-lapping and creating a distinctive, cackling thunder-clap pattern. The storms generally carry with it items its picked off the ground, such as rocks, sand, vehicles, bodies and foliage.

The northern side of Saguaria is mostly grass-land and forest. The trees are mostly Great Redwoods, blocking out most of the light and colouring what's left of it dark green. The air is moist and damp, and heavy in oxygen, and the ground is heavily fertile. Here exists a few variety of giant Venus Fly-Trap, large enough to catch men, or even small vehicles within, and able to digest both.
The animals here too are of abnormal size, such as the predatory Red-Wood Hawk, known among some as the Rok Bird, capable of lifting a small van off the ground with ease. Some locals have tamed the over-sized animals that live here, using them as steeds. Once the other is dead, neither animal or rider will pick a new partner.

All magic here is free and unrestrained, and vortexes in the many magnetic poles created too, by the free magic. It takes vast amounts of magic to cast even the smallest amount of free-magic into something usable, and even then it is wild and unpredictable.

Free Magic

The free magic has a habit of created dead zones, or anomalies, areas where reality is twisted, and unreal. Some are like dreams held in reality, and those who stumble into them find themselves in a separate world. Some stay there forever and starve to death. They can be viewed from outside the anomaly as normal, interacting with a world that isn't there, or simply dead on the ground.

Others lack any real physics; objects, such as stones, hover inches above the ground,magic lightning can flash in mid air, and strike at the ground, an object, or the air itself, and light can bend, causing things beside to appear in front, and vice-vera. The bending of the light can be found by shining a laser through it; said laser will follow the bent light, spiralling around and towards where the light came from originally.

Further more, some anomaly's can cause lethal, sudden changes in reality, such as complete vacuums, or areas of intense gravity or pressure that simply crush anything within them into its smallest possible state of mass. The crushing anomalies generally appear as pitch-black patches wherein even light is crushed, and destroyed.
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