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 Countries and their Languages

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Countries and their Languages _
PostSubject: Countries and their Languages   Countries and their Languages Icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 1:06 pm

Anilasia: no slaves, use Agnoscoin
Arcand: no slaves, speak Arcand
Caissic: no slaves, speak Arcand; different dialect
Castandor: slaves, speak Seranto
Dessarian Badlands: slaves, speak Dessarian
Escantor: no slaves, speak Seranto
Gaia: slaves, speak Arcand; normal and various dialects
Icelandia: no slaves, use Qwertyuiop
Indanur: slaves, speak La’han; different dialect
Island Kingdoms of Ino-Kai: slaves, speak Kaijean
Kanul: no slaves, speak La’han
Krones: slaves, speak Arcand, USL; translators for everything else
People's Republic of Levania: no slaves, speak Levanian
Lotemukipe: no people, no language.
Molandum: no slaves, speak Merkakis
Mytentea: no slaves, speak Seranto
Norune: slaves, speak Arcand, USL; translators for everything else
Randers: no slaves, speak Arcand; different dialect
Saguaria: slaves, use Agnoscoin
Ugul: slaves, speak La’han
Von Helson Lands: slaves, speak Arcand
Xi-Tzu: slaves, speak Xoulin
Yano: no slaves, speak La’han

Agnoscoin: A language only found spoken in Anilasia and Saguaria. The users of this language must be fluent with the use of magic from a young age in order to grasp the full extent of its use and are therefore only natives of the two countries. A form of telepathy, its radius varies depending on the magical prowess of the individual. In its audible form, foreigners find that no matter what language they speak, it is understandable.

Arcand: The common language of our little world, spread mainly as a consequence of the Imperialistic Expansionism carried out by the Arcand Empire. Arcand continues to grow in popularity as the Empire pushes forward new communication technologies (such as the Telegram, Telephone, etc); giving priority to their native tongue.

Arcesanto: A rare language that began as a citizens of Castandor, Escantor, and Mytentea communicated with Arcandian settlers. In the 1930's, several academics refined the language and proposed it as a Universal Standard Language; facing much opposition.

Dessarian: Spoken in Desaria, it has a rough, gritty sound with thick accenting.

Kaijean: Used by the islands of Ino-Kai, the language differs from tribe to tribe; from the dialect being different to other small changes. However, prefix changes are always cardinal directions.

La’han: The language used in Kanul, Ugul, and Indanur. It has a rough, yet flowing quality.

Levanian: Used by the Republic of Levania, it has a somewhat harsh quality to it at times.

Merkakis: A clicking language "spoken" only in Molandum. Due to outsiders rarely being accepted into the culture and hardly any travel by natives, it is almost never learned by foreigners.

Qwertyuiop: Used only by Pantherans due to the dynamics of the language. Using tail movements, ear flicks, yips, and the like; it is nearly impossible for outside species to understand, much less for them to imitate. For this reason Pantherans are forced to learn Arcand in intensive training camps in Norune.

Seranto: Shared by Castandor, Escantor, and Mytentea, it has a flowing quality with smooth sounds.

Underground Sign Language: Used in Norune by the vendors of the underground market, it has no official name and constitutes primarily of hand signals as the streets of Norune are loud and overcrowded. How many fingers used in random hand movements, a particular body part scratched, particular twists, twitches, and turns are all part of the language. Most people, including Norune law enforcement, do not know how to read it.

Xoulin: Spoken in Xi-Tzu, it has a short tone.
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Countries and their Languages

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