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 The Dessari Contractables

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The Dessari Contractables _
PostSubject: The Dessari Contractables   The Dessari Contractables Icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 2:59 pm

Famous in Norune and Dessaria, and among a few other shifty groups, the Dessari Contractables are a group of Delivery boys vs. Mercenaries vs. Pirates who all have their roots in Dessaria. They are headed by Demetrius, a former Militia fighter and Mercenary.

Their main advertised role is Delivery. Dessaria being notable badlands, the group first formed as a hire-able over-watch for goods in transit. They soon became exceedingly sufficient at keeping cargo out of the hands of raiders, and before long, they expanded their horizons not just to the protection of cargo, but also its delivery.

This business move happened to be the Dessari Contractables' winning move, and soon calls came flooding in for the Delivery men to pick up everything from a machined part to a tank, and transport the goods of all shapes and sizes across distances unmeasurable.

What started out as a band of men protecting goods soon turned into a vast business of machinery, money-lending and contracts into the hundred-thousands of Gaian Dollars. With such an assortment of hardware and reputation in tow, the Dessari Contractables started advertising to previous clients that, not only could they now protect and deliver goods, they could procure, or steal to order, the goods, deliver it under protected convoy and have it there safe and quick. The goods were also guaranteed, and any damaged accumulated along the way came off the price of the complete contract.
They also advertised their services as a hired Private Delta-force; a group of skilled, armed men working as a miniature private army for the client.

This went down like a storm. The stealing to order business was higher in demand at first, but soon the Dessari Contractables were getting just as many offers for their Delta-Force jobs as they were the Procurement and Delivery. As contracts grew, as did the hardware, which only opened new, further horizons.

Currently, the Dessari Contractables are worth close to the three-hundred thousand mark in hardware; what currency this is in has never been disclosed, but the figure has been boasted in Dessarian bars most off-nights.

The Dessari Contractables now have a rolling contract with the WFAP leader, Captain Lepper. The contract is slack, binding only to the fact that the Dessari Contractables cannot work against the WFAP as long as the contract continues, and are free to take on side-jobs, as long as the WFAP doesn't need their services beforehand. It is joked that the WFAP are scared of the Dessari Contractables - but nether to either group's faces.

List of Dessari Contractables hardware

PPSh-41 Submachine gun
AK47 Modernised - AKA "AKM"
RPK Light machine Gun
PKM - AKA "PK Machine gun"

Raging Bull .454 Casull
Tokarev TT-33
Baretta Model 93R

Sd.Kfz. 251/9 Halftrack - fitted with 75mm L/24 Low Velocity Gun and 14mm armour
BTR-80 Armoured Personnel Carrier
T-80 Battle-tank

Supermarine Spiteful Mk16
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The Dessari Contractables

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