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 Vedran Luzar

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Vedran Luzar _
PostSubject: Vedran Luzar   Vedran Luzar Icon_minitimeSun Jul 25, 2010 1:16 pm

Name: Vedran Luzar
Age: 24 (October 9, 1985)
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Dark brown (Almost black), medium-short, and messy. Has a goatee.
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Light tan
Weapons: Thumper (A sawed-off M1-Garand with a folding wire stock), The Wilting Rose (An Heirloom Levanian Cavalry Saber), Whisper of the Sands (A Kris given to him during his rite of passage), A 6" Barrel Colt Python (Given to him during his rite of passage), A Sawed-off Stoeger Condor Supreme

Desserian (Fluent)
Levanian (Fluent)
Arcand (Fluent)

History: Vedran's grandparents moved to Dessaria from Levania in the winter of 1940, where they settled in a large settlement near the border of Aekea. Vedran was born on October 9th, 1985 and began working as a delivery boy when he was 5, despite his family not needing the money. Every summer his family would visit relatives in Levania, where he would play with his cousin Anya Kornilov. He was taught to fence by his father as is the family tradition.

At the age of 17 he joined the local militia, where he worked as a loader on the crew of a 40mm Bofors emplacement near Fort Paradise. He stayed in the militia for 4 years. Nothing truly eventful happened until his last day in the militia when a flight of unknown aircraft crossed into Dessarian airspace from Aekea. After they refused to identify themselves, the AA guns were ordered to fire. The pilots were good though and only one of them was shot down, by Vedran's emplacement in fact, and the rest retreated.

The next day, Vedran was relaxing in a bar, still in his fatigues, when a disheveled Aekean pilot walked in. Some locals began goading him with anti-aekean slurs until he finally took the bait and said some anti-Dessarian things of his own. A fight broke out, 4 against 1, so Vedran decided to even things out a little and jumped to the aid of the Aekean. After the fight (Which they won) the pilot thanked vedran and identified himself as Royce "Lepper" Chavez. The two became fast friends and Vedran has been following Lepper ever since.
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Vedran Luzar

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