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PostSubject: Anglia   Anglia Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 10:47 am

Anglia is a loosely ruled kingdom that suffers under a barely functioning constitutional monarchy. Both parties of Parliament are incapable of any bipartisanship, the Prime Minister is on life support, and the ruling family constantly blocks any attempt at starting elections through a loophole in their Constitution (known as Article 4, Section 2) in an attempt to gain control back. In this they have been successful, but the country has to be put under martial law in order to continue their rule. There are some restrictions, however: the ruling family is allowed only a loose command of the military and some budget control. 50% of the budget must be put into defense, and the rest is up to them. King Eberhard and Queen Clara Von Helson have chosen to spend this extra money on continuously renovating Castle Schweinhart. While the populace is not fine with them plating their walls in gold, they are even less comfortable with what General Ludolf Abendroth is doing with his share: drilling a hole into a volcano and filling the castle's moat with lava.

The Von Helson family is an ancient bloodline with the name tracing back over a thousand years ago. Von Helsons were once known for their unquestioned ability to rule and command, but as of late the family has slipped up. After their lost war with Levania, they were forced to sign a Constitution that stripped them of much of their power. In an attempt to preserve whatever little rule they had left from being tainted with what the felt was dirty blood, the family resorted to incest. At first their children had no visible defects, but the current rulers each have 11 toes. Furthermore, they obviously have no real interest in leading a country, and only wish to keep their power so they can live in comfort and luxury.

The Constitution, as previously mentioned, has a loophole that allows the monarchy a far less limited rule under a very specific set of guidelines: The Prime Minister must be incapable of performing his duties, the country must be in danger of attack, and martial law must be instated. By a twist of fate or possibly foul play, each of these things came to pass within a very short time after the Constitution was written. Within a month of the signing, the Prime Minister was shot by a stray bullet during a lengthy border skirmish while he was visiting a military base. He was immediately put on life support. During the fight, a member of the opposing force stepped beyond the border. The royal family called it an invasion, and the members of Parliament begun debating on whether it was. Due to unrelated issues leaking into the debate, Parliament was unable to give an answer in 24 hours, and had to admit that whatever happened, the country was in some form of danger. The Von Helson family set up martial law in a matter of minutes.

The citizens of Anglia are the ones who are the worst off. Taxed into permanent debt, most of the populace is forced into doing the most dangerous, but highest-paying jobs in the country. These tend to be jobs in the military, whether as soldiers or weapons testing. Simultaneously, each individual must grow their own food and raise their own livestock in order to survive, since there are very few farmers left in the country. Arguably the ones who are the best off are the slaves, as long as they are working for the Von Helson family. If they're under command of the military, they're definitely the worst. They're chained to the wheels of airships, locked into airplanes as suicide bombers, and used to test new body armor. The unluckiest of them are severely tortured until their minds are broken. They are then surgically implanted with bombs and guns, and dumped onto battlefields ahead of the rest of the military. These unfortunate souls are unreliable, but devastating. In a few rare cases, the bombs inside them have been duds, and they escaped into the countries surrounding the VHL.

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