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 Demetrius Poliski

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Demetrius Poliski _
PostSubject: Demetrius Poliski   Demetrius Poliski Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 3:38 am

Physical Description

Eyes: Strong Pale Blue
Hair: Shoulder-length; Blonde
Weight: 196lbs
Height: 5’ 11”
Body Type: Muscular
Gender: Male
Uniform: Dark brown cargo trousers, steel toe & steel-soled combat boots, chain-mail-lined Sleeveless shirt, Pre-1945-style german Infantry helmet, Hockey-style mask worn upon the back of his head under the helmet, ready to pull over his face directly whenever.


Name: Demetrius Poliski
Nationality: Dessarian
Age: 26 Years(17th November 1984)
native: Dessarian (Fluent)
Second: Arcand (Patchy)
Other: Norune Underground Sign-language (fluent)

Weapons: Both “Chosen Weapons”(PPSh-41, battle machete), alongside two Raging Bull .454 Revolvers.
Occupation: Mercenary; Multi-purpose Pilot
Skills: Fighter-Piloting, helicopter-piloting, Speaking his home language, “Persuasion by questionable methods”, Mechanics(Both vehicular and weapon), Metal-work, gunmanship/marksmanship.

History: Demetrius was born into a nomadic family, roaming the Badlands in search of the minimal trade that existed between settlements. Demetrius spent a lot of his child-hood shooting the local wild-life, such as Desert-rats and Scorpions, with small-calibre rifles. Not only did this serve as practice, but also kept dangerous pests out of the caravan, and the spoils were both edible, and sell-able.

Ten years after Demetrius' birth, the Poliski family settled down into a small settlement founded around a natural well-spring. Here, once of age, Demetrius was pulled into Mandatory Service in the local Militia. It was here that he learned most of his basic skills, among his various battle-based beliefs. After finding his forever-worn hockey-mask, he was told - and came to believe - that wearing a face on the back of your head was thus akin to having eyes there, too.

He soon after joined the Militia full time. After being "chosen" by his weapons – a PPSh and a battle-machete - Demetrius went through both armed, Melee and hand-to-hand combat training; as well as some pilot training for the Militia's limited airforce, strengthening his skills as a fighter and a marksman, as well as using Dessaria's vast wastes as pilot-training.

At the age of Nineteen, Demetrius realized he could sell his skills to a more profitable group of people, and after leaving the Militia (At dead of night), picked himself up a battered Supermarine Spiteful.

After a year of rebuilding the Aircraft, Demetrius sold himself into a band of "Mercenaries" in the area - whose job it was to take on anything that was offered. The jobs usually consisted of procurement and/or delivery contracts, and as well as learning skills in navigation, used the money he collected from various jobs to Up the ante of his aircraft. It was here that he gained many of his shifty contacts, his knowledge of the world and met many a friend who would soon drop into his employment, along with various other skills such as Tactics, of a sort, and picked up a very Blitzkrieg-ish style of warfare.

Once Demetrius' service contract was over, he turned self-employed and founded the Dessari Contractables, selling their trade mostly on the trade-routes and being paid to protect, transport, acquire, or all of the above various packages of goods; although the delivery company vs. Mercenaries vs. pirates are willing to break the rules to put money on the table.

The Dessari Contractables were soon employed by Captain Lepper to acquire and transport a tank from where it had been "purchased" without the owner's prior notice, to the WFAP Headquarters. After said vehicle turned up at said base in good nick - minus all the change under the seats - the Dessari Contractables were employed full time in a rolling, loosely bound contract.
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Demetrius Poliski

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