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PostSubject: Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION]   Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 6:22 pm

The 'Enardroth' are a very old culture that were destroyed by volcanic activity hundreds of years ago. Currently the land is inhabited by the children and generations of offspring that the surviving Enardroth created. They are a very tribal people, and inhabit the region the WFAP know as Mytentea. Vast tropical rain forest covers the expanses of unknown rivers, mountains and valleys.


Many Myths and Legends from the developed world speak of treasures and dangers beyond the imagination. This is true in some respects, and all who have entered her skies, waters or touched her fertile earth have never left, or maybe they didn't survive long enough to try to get back. Impenetrable jungles, creatures that stalk both the night and day, and the native people keep the land safe and 'unknown'.

There are many customs that the present day Enardroth hold sacred. Some of these are intertwined with daily life, others are only practiced for very rare and special occasions. If you are one of the very old you may have witnessed many sacrifices. If you are young you will have been taught from a very young age of the gods that you shall worship. And of how to please them.

To be a man of Enardroth makes you special, for in the past the warrior society was almost void of male offspring. However, as time passed on, and outsiders discovered the lands and added their blood to the offspring of the Enardroth more sons started to present in the population. However, for every man there are two women. You will become a warrior if you wish, a parent definitely and a scholar if you are wise enough.

To be a women of Enardroth makes you special as well. There are two types of women. The fighters and the mothers. If you are fair, fragile and calm natured you are born to become a mother, to bare children. You are protected by the rest of the population and are thought of as more valuable than all the treasures of the people. Worshiped and loved by all. However, the Enardroth women can also be strong, brave and fierce. More so than the younger countries and races around the world. A fighting mother in all respects, yet will not bare children until they reach the age of thirty and have finished their 'service' to the protection of the Enardroth people.

There are four tribes, and each follows an element of the earth.

The people of Queis are devoted to the element Air and are most notable due to their taming of the Oolak, a winged creature capable of carrying a rider.

The people of Aoso worship the element Earth, and are most sufficient in growing crops and keeping the populace well stocked of food and supplies, they long ago befriended ground dwelling creatures called Unk, who are heavily built herbivorous creatures that pull plows and wagons and make short work of the fields.

Uema, is one of the older tribes and one of the very first formed. They are thanked by the populace for the construction of the aqueduct systems by the first of the Enardroth people. Back then Kielor Enardroth was King of Mytentea. They also trap the poisonous creatures that inhabit the waters and farm the toxins for trade and defense.

The final Tribe is that of Imora. Imora is to be found deep within the mountains, where the ground is hot from Hell's Fire, active volcano's to the south of the ranges. The people of Imora of course follow the element of Fire, and forge weaponry, steel and smelt valuable metals for trade. They are also the miners of Enardroth and are responsible for maintaining and preparing the Vault of Ages. They are more interested in gaining technology and becoming powerful than the older tribal ways. The cities within the mountains show vast development, yet are restricted by almost impenetrable bedrock.

Although tribal in nature the Enardroth have not been without technological advancement through the ages. Years ago the sea's brought a pirate ship to the shores of Mytentea, however the oceans smashed her without mercy upon the rocks. All but one man was saved, due to cruel luck. His ship mates jumping overboard to be devoured by the creatures of the sea, and Captain De'Rosa holding tight to the mast went down with his ship. In the morning he woke, the seas calm, the wind had died down and he lay on splintered wood. The tide recessed enough for him to walk almost bare foot across to dry land. The people of Mytentea saved his life soon after, and as reward he introduced them to the concept of the flintlock pistol and black powder.

Currently the people of Mytentea only use Flint lock pistols and rifles, small powered black powder canons, swords, bows (poison and flame tips). The poison are lethal, effecting the nervous system within seconds. Many do not have known cures do to their 'unknown' composition.

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PostSubject: Re: Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION]   Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 6:22 pm

Important Locations:

N'war Louur

The Teaching Tree is often surrounded by the young Enardroth children, they all attend lessons each day. They will learn to speak the language of their people, be taught about the ways of the land and the dangers of the rain forest. Each will learn to fight, both armed and hand to hand combat. And above all else, they will be raised to have no fear. To cry is a weakness in the eyes of the Enardroth who are descendants of the mighty rain forest warriors of Legend.


Belwarath - Capital City of the Enardroth

Belwarath is suspended high above the ground, in the strongest canopies of the old growth rain forest. Each tree trunk is five meters diameter at least, huge beasts of plants that are rooted deep into the soil. Each tree is surrounded by vast platform networks and interconnected via suspension bridges or more stable slat-form bridges. The platforms are many tiers high, and winding stair cases and ramps lead to higher or lower levels. The canopy is about ninety meters off the rain forest floor, high above the reach of predators. About one thousand people live within the houses that litter the tree tops surrounding Belwarath. And at the center of the city is the Keeper or Scrolls, who also teaches at N'war Louur, otherwise known as the Teaching Tree.

Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION] 24v4inl........................Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION] 23j2552

Tribe Villages:

These four tribes live separately, yet in harmony. Each follows a specific element of the world, because it is their strength, their blood. It also carries the spirits of those ancestors who have passed on, helping to keep the current generations strong.

[Queis Tribal Information:]


Queis is found high up within the mountains, the air is thinner and the children grow up taller than those in the low land cities of within the bowels of the mountains. Miles of sheer cliff faces border on their village and their children are no more afraid of heights as they are of the rising sun. The strong warm thermals rush up before the village, and the stone walls built long ago provide for exquisite views. On a clear day you can see for miles over the jungles, and Hell's Fire can be seen smoking and casting shadows to the south west.

The men and women of Queis follow the element of Air and live within it and fly upon it. The most notable difference between the people of this village and that of the others is their honourable rank. Flight Master.

Queis is the Goddess of Weather, bringer of lightning and storms as well as rainbows, clear skies and warm winds. During calm skies she is seen to be happy and content, although she can whip up gusts to show distress and storms and seasonal floods in serious dislike of the people or happenings across the lands.

The people of Queis are spiritual and see life in a very natural light. They are not highly religious although would never dare to dishonour or disown the Goddess.

[Aoso Tribal Information:]


Aoso is a smaller tree top village to the south east of the Ooth Lakes. Unlike the other tribes, the Aoso people live partially on the ground. This is mainly due to the vast network of walls that were erected out of massive stone blocks thousands of years ago. It protects their crops, and the people, however they still prefer the tree tops. The people of Aoso worship the element Earth, and are most sufficient in growing crops and keeping the populace well stocked of food and supplies, they long ago befriended ground dwelling creatures called Unk, who are heavily built herbivorous creatures that pull plows and wagons and make short work of the fields.


Aoso is the Goddess of Fertility, both of man and of earth. She grants good soil, strong crops and strong children. Once a long time ago, there were almost no men. Aoso had cursed the people of Enardroth for their lack of faith and sacrifice, however, after the Festival of Blood almost one thousand years ago more males started to be born. Now, men are almost as common as women, with one for every two or three females.

[Uema Tribal Information:]


Uema is built beside the Ooth Lakes, and is suspended high above the Ooth River that runs down from the mountains. They avoid the waters for the waters bring death, yet harness the flow of the water to quench the thirst of the Capital city using aqueducts. Massive water wheels bring the water to the tree canopy and transfer it to the well built channel through the trees. Many people use rafts to travel the flow between Uema and Belwarath. Uema is the God of Liquids, giver of life, granter of fish, eel and turtle. He causes juice to run from fruits, and for liquid to sustain the body. He is married to Queis, and he brings forth the rains.

[Imora Tribal Information:]


Imora is found deep within the caves and catacombs of the mountains. Underground they mine minerals, smelt weapons and devise machines of war. The village is vast, one of the largest of the Tribes yet it's people are solitary. Imora is the God of War, the Guardian of the Warriors Afterlife. He is married to Aoso and plants the seeds that form the minerals, gems and crystals deep within her womb. Without their paring, the warriors would have no weapons, no materials to make metal beasts.

*Imora demands the sacrifice of the first born every eclipse, and stokes the fires of Hell (Hell's Fire) in waiting. The mountains boil and smoke constantly to show his never ending hunger.

The weapon smiths, working with forges, smelting and unique minerals (not mythril but still a good solid sword metal) as well as the development of cannons, pistols, crude rifles, and black powder. They live in the mountains as cave people, yet are still very similar, in physical ways, to the rest of the Enardroth people. However, they are slightly less spiritual and can be a little more brutal in war. Prisoners getting tossed into Hell's Fire (volcano) or just plain out disembowelment and decapitations.

Other villages:


A small village built in the side of the mountain, it overlooks a massive valley and is often hidden from view by the clouds that form. Smulth has an ominous feeling about it, but is the entrance to the vast underground storage vaults of weapons, seed, food and water.



One of the old lookout post's, it is still used today but has been upgraded to a four level observation post. A lone tree remains on the mountain, and at the top of it sits this lookout. Carved out by Giant Barge Worms (eat through the wood) the trunk is now hollow apart from the outer woody flesh and bark. This outer shell is almost four feet thick, and cannot be cut by axe or saw. Running up the middle of the tree is a ladder, and leads to the lookout positions. Each opening at the top used for looking out of was formed after the large thousand year old branches broke away in a furious storm.


Other locations:

Hell's Fire

Many active volcano's line this mountain ridge overlooking the south sea's. Many shocks are felt throughout Mytentea as it rumbles occasionally. Location of Festival of Blood, and the Sacrifice of the First Born.


Historical sites:

Ruins of Old Iroth


Ruins of Old Qua


Shrine of Ancestors


Shipwreck of Captain De'Rosa

Captain De'Rosa was the sole survivor of his multiple masted ship that was pushed up against the sharp gagged reefs to the south of Mytentea. His crew jumped overboard, and were eaten by the serpents. But the Captain clung to his wreckage, determined to go down with his ship. Only by chance did the ship get wedged into the reef and not get smashed entirely upon it.

Such a tragedy, yet such a discovery.

Captain De'Rosa was now long since buried. But he gave the Enardroth a great prize for rescuing him all those years ago. The concept of black powder, flintlock pistols and rifles and rum.

The mountains are plentiful with phosphorous, sulfer and flint-stone. And it took not long for the people to master the production and use of gunpowder.


Shipwreck of 'Crux'

A rather uneventful shipwreck, all on board perishing to the sea. Yet the wreckage was so strange, not wooden hulls but metal. Not masts with large sails, but some strange power source. No wonder the ship had gone down so fast, so heavy, so lacking sails to direct it away from the land and back out to sea to relative safety.


Unknown Vessel

Five years ago, a lone vessel traveled on the clouds. It seemed as though this trespass angered Goddess Queis, who called forth a fierce storm. A storm so rough that the sky was drenched with rain, so much it was almost impossible to breath if caught out in it. The clouds turned black, and the sunlight was banished. The sky arched with lightning and erupted with thunder. It continued for only one day, before the sun was allowed to come out again. The rain had stopped, the rainbows had graced the sky, and the people of Mytentea felt honored to have survived. The people of Enardroth had found the wreckage of the airship weeks later, destroyed within the upper branches of the trees to the north west of Belwarath. This discovery led to the development of kite ships, and Kite Warriors. The first airship, similar to the one that crashed was made several years later. Powered by massive burners, to heat the air, to fill the balloons, to create lift. The wind helped to direct them, but they Enardroth were ingenious and developed a wind powered propeller engine to allow them to guide their own direction.


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PostSubject: Ceremony   Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 6:25 pm

Baptismal Ceremony

The baptismal ceremony isn’t much to speak of in my honest opinion. Every section I’ve found about this, it doesn’t even need to be performed by a shaman or priest or acolyte. It can be performed by pretty much everyone, most often the father of the child. He pricks the infant’s finger and squeezes a droplet of blood onto the roots of a tree, usually the family’s home tree, and whispers the prayer

“And so unto tree we bond thee.”

I’m not exactly sure what deity this practice is performed in honour of. My best guesses place it as a form of ancestor worship that bonds the infant to the forests and the trees that have held the child’s ancestors for years and years.

Marriage Ceremony

Translated from scripture contained within the Scroll of the Betrothed.

“the placing of virgin lily’s around the crown of a man by any woman, is the first step in the joining of souls. The offering of sacred nectar in a small golden dish lined with jade and rubies, is the symbol of sharing blood and will be offered soon after. The crimson ‘wine’ shall be ingested before the chosen male takes part in the traditional smoking of the ‘Krui’ pipe (the pipe is filled with an odd tobacco and petals of the iscipus flower). Often the woman’s father or tribal elders will smoke first before offering the pipe over. This is a sign of the handing over of ownership, and from the moment the pipe touches the mans lips, he is rewarded with the women’s devotion, yet cursed with the role of eternal protection. Once the ceremony is complete, each woman will wash and tend to the desires or needs of the man, and they will not part until the rising of the sun the next morning.”

Through further reading, it has been said that this ceremony can be shared by another woman, but never by another man. It is forbidden for any woman to have two husbands, yet multiple wives seems to have been an accepted practice. This is mostly due to the lack of males born during the times of Kielor Enardroth and his people. However, it is an odd practice to continue to carry out each season, considering this affliction no longer occurs to such a drastic extent.

“the crown may be placed by one, and the wine and pipe offered by another. This is a combined marriage, and is just as binding as the single joining. It is also more favoured.”

It is said that within the first year, a child must be born to signal the true intentions of the joining. For a woman to not bear a child, it brings shame. And banishment from the ‘protected’. For the man, banishment is not possible, and another bride shall be chosen for him.

“for a man to not bear children to the second wife, he is banished from the lands, or sacrificed to Aoso.”

Sacrifice of the First Born

Every Solar Eclipse, upon the joining of the sun and the moon, the people of Mytentea collect in droves to carry out the Qu’e al Sobwth’a, or the Sacrifice of the First Born in Gaian. It is a simple ceremony, yet it is filled with mysticism and pomp and circumstance. Its aim, so the high shamans and priests say, is to appease the goddess Aoso, and ensure that she does not curse the tribes with the lack of male births. Aoso, the goddess of fertility, is also the goddess of mankind and the very earth that mankind walks on. To keep her appeased is to keep mankind alive and well.

Therefore, when solar eclipses occur, it is Aoso’s warning to the people that she requires the Qu’e al Sobwth’a to be carried out, lest she take the sun away forever, and shroud the earth in darkness. Some sects within her priesthood say that if Aoso so wished, she would take not only the sun, but the fledgling male population as well. Thus, every month before a solar eclipse occurs, the priests send out their acolytes (priests in training) and they must find a first born male, in order to be taken back to Belwarath, and sacrificed on noon of the day of the eclipse.

I, the author, have not personally seen the ceremony taken place, but I have reviewed detailed stone carvings on the walkways leading to the Bewla’ha al Sobwth’a (Temple of the First Born).

The ceremony begins with the dressing of the male infant in silks and gold and jade near dawn of the day of the eclipse. He is brought to a room so he can breathe in rich smokes and incenses to baptise him with the spirit of Aoso in preparation. This is done so that he will smell good enough for Aoso to take him into her arms. He is fed from the breast of the high priestess of Aoso near midmorning, and soon trumpeters with large gold forest bison horns sound the beginning of a procession. The High Priestess of Aoso cradles the infant while being carried on a large gold and ivory platform by the temple slaves throughout the city of Aoso. By midday, the procession arrives at the Temple of the First Born, and the High Priestess carries the child up to the altar in front of the temple. Throngs of people gather, and the High Priestess presents the child to the gathered crowds of pilgrims and citizens of Aoso, and asks if they believe this child is fit for Aoso’s sacrifice.

I hardly doubt the crowd would say no, and have never found any record of them saying no to the High Priestess in any of the scrolls at the Learning Tree, so this humble scholar would find it more than fair to say that the Priestess’s query is always answered with a resounding cheer of “Yes!”, lest they not be able to grow anything in the absence of the sun, and all of their mothers be devoid of being able to bear male offspring.

Once this has been accomplished, the High Priestess hands the infant to the Sacrificial Shaman, an older man, adorned in a large jade headdress and golden necklaces. He takes the child into his arms and still chanting in the trance that he entered early that morning by inhaling the fumes of a violet iscipus flower, (a rare breed that’s from only this region) and hoists the child by his left leg over the altar. He chants louder and louder in prayer to the goddess before taking the jagged golden knife and thrusting it slowly through the back of the child, most likely through the heart, and laying it down on the altar so that it’s blood can flow into the two jars at either side.

If the eclipse passes, so the scrolls say, the child was accepted into the arms of Aoso and the people graced with more male births and the presence of the sun and good harvests.
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PostSubject: Training   Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 6:35 pm

Training Customs

Initiation into the Enardroth is a grueling process, however you have already proven yourself worthy if you are now standing before the tribal elders for the graduation ceremony. Most of you will be our youth, trained since you could support your own weight. However, for those who come from beyond Hell's Fire, you may not be so young. Yet you will stand as equals to the blood right children, and will pass the same tests.

For the children it is their final exam, they have trained long and hard to be best prepared to answer the questions. You on the other hand may be new to our culture, and may not understand our ways or customs. For you, the answers may be clouded, shadowed in doubt or hidden entirely from you.

Death will be the reward you receive for failing such a test. For no man, woman or child shall be allowed to send word of the lands of the Enardroth people to the outside world. And only those worthy shall receive the right to live among us and in the light of the gods for eternity.

Each person is sent off into the jungle, with a map, no compass, and a simple pack of rations and hunting gear. They will live with no contact from other people for one week, alone. Moving from the capital city out to some randomly chosen point. Along the way, trainers may attempt to attack them, or sabotage their hunting...but this is something you will have to overcome.

Those chosen for their caring and fertility will be sent off to an Academy for several years. There they learn the necessary skills for raising and teaching a child acceptable to Enardroth standards. Although a fierce race, they have one of the highest childhood survival rates of tribal nations.

Those chosen for their strength, stamina and determination to protect the country will be sent off to camps across the land. And trained for several years, unless interrupted by invasion or attacks.

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PostSubject: Brands/Tattoos   Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 6:38 pm


When you pass your training, join a tribe, become a warrior or step forth into parenthood you will receive the mark of a true Enardroth man or woman. These marks are branded into the skin of shoulders, spine or wrists. After the skin is branded a molten dye is spread throughout the newly formed grooves. This process is said to be excruciatingly painful. The molten dye is formed by boiling gems found deep underground. These gems are like swirling orbs of colour, and are called opalics. In extreme temperatures they melt and can be poured into specific shapes, which will then harden on cooling and maintain that shape. Although very rare, anyone wearing the mark of molten opalics is treasured among the tribe.

Brand of the Ancestor

Awarded to all members accepted into the Ancestors of Enardroth. Typically found on upper spine.

Brand of Queis

Awarded to people belonging to the tribe of the air, the Queis. Typically found on the inside of the wrist.

Brand of Aoso

Awarded to people belonging to the tribe of the earth, the Aoso. Typically found on the inside of the wrist.

Brand of Imora

Awarded to people belonging to the tribe of the fire, the Imora. Typically found on the inside of the wrist.

Brand of Uema

Awarded to people belonging to the tribe of the water, the Uema. Typically found on the inside of the wrist.

Brand of a Warrior

Awarded to all those men and women who become warriors. Typically found on the upper right shoulder.

Brand of Parenthood

Awarded to all those men and women who become child bearers and parents. Typically found on the upper left shoulder.
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PostSubject: Re: Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION]   Mytentea [UNDER WORK/CONSIDERATION] Icon_minitime

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