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 Lusika Coor'lok

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Lusika Coor'lok _
PostSubject: Lusika Coor'lok   Lusika Coor'lok Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 7:51 pm

Username: DormantEvil
Character Name: Lusika Coor'lok
Race: Human
Age: 19

Height: 5'6
Weight: 145
Measurements: 36cm 26cm 36cm

Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Long, wavy black hair

Clothes: Light blue robes cover her torso and thighs, with rough brown leather boots covering from her knees down. She wears a light chain mail torso guard under her robe, that also partially protects her thighs. A leather set of armor covers her arms, chest, back and stomach including a partially skirt. And metal armour on the back, chest, stomach and shoulders protects the vital areas. She also has metal shin and foot guards strapped onto her boots. A wide belt around her waist holds all armour close to her body, and supports the short sword and bags that line it. She also carries a quiver on her back and a light bow.

Skin Tone: Tan. She also has three opalic tattoos. One on her upper spine, another on her wrist, another on her right shoulder.

Personality: Fearless, bold, inquisitive, defensive.

Favorite foods: Fresh meats like venison, fish and other game animals. Root vegetables. Berries.

Life Story: Lusika Coor'lok was raised in the cliff city of Queis, in the country of Mytentea. Training since the age of seven in survival and the age of ten in hunting, hand to hand combat and archery skills she found her week survival test relatively simple. She survived wild animal attacks, getting charged by an angry Unk (grazing herbivorous herd animal) and helped defend a village from a Sakclaw attack (a pack of predatory cat like [tiger sized] hunters, nocturnal, very dangerous). She went into Warrior training at sixteen, graduating at eighteen before spending a year training the fledgling Queis members in flight. She attained the rank of Flight Master.

During a storm, she was dispatched from Queis to search to cliffs for a lost boy. Getting to close to the hot thermals from Imora, she was blown over the mountains away from Mytentea. Landing in the dense jungle of Escantor, days later after sighting water. She was picked up by locals and taken to the city.

The rest remains unknown.

Weapons: Short sword, glove claws, light bow.

Skills: Resourcefulness, stealth, hand to hand.

Likes: The air, flying, adventure.

Dislikes: Small spaces, not doing something, sitting still. Not seeing the sky.
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Lusika Coor'lok

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