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 Jacinta Xindella

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Jacinta Xindella _
PostSubject: Jacinta Xindella   Jacinta Xindella Icon_minitimeSun Aug 01, 2010 12:47 pm

Username: JacintaXindella
Character Name: Jacinta "Jinx" Xindella
Race: Corrupted Kistune
Age: 25
Gender: F

Height: 5ft
Weight: 95lbs
Measurements: 36in, 25in, 27in

Eye Color: Hazel; Yellow, deep Red, dark Brown
Hair Color: Medium Black

Skills: Speed and quiet footing, cunning and intelligence, demented creativity, Short sword and Dagger skilled
Talents: Domination over black for five minutes {can manipulate shadows for 3-4 posts depending on dice roll}, Dementia, Silver Tongue,
Weapons: Short swords, daggers, colt. revolvers, flint locks for fun, a whip just because

Favorite Noise: Shattering Glass

Likes: Closed in dark spaces, silence, warmth, flowers, goggles, Senri, blood, finger painting, Alice
Dislikes: Crowded areas, lots of noise, cars, mirrors, Italian food,
Personality: Mentally Disturbed and Highly Unstable, Homicidal and Strangely Curious

Biography: Jinx used to be one of the most respected Foxes of her time. Until something happened. She killed her lover one night, and ran off disappearing for a few nights before returning muttering strange phrases to herself. Now a severe schizophrenic, she often hears voices in her head, and goes off as a complete lunatic. Some reason however, Jinx is still able to follow orders given to her by her Captain and the Commissar, leaving her a still useful asset to the Foxes.

General Appearance: Often a long black duster with cracked aviator goggles on her head, black fox ears and a fox tail, color changing eyes. Short, often in long black denim jeans or a black canvas mini skirt, both worn with a chain. Fingerless gloves and a black scarf complete the look. She carries revolvers and many hidden daggers, always a shortsword. Occasionally carries a whip.

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Jacinta Xindella

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