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 Alexandra 'Archer' Vandagrift

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Alexandra 'Archer' Vandagrift _
PostSubject: Alexandra 'Archer' Vandagrift   Alexandra 'Archer' Vandagrift Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 4:28 am

Name: Alexandra 'Archer' Vandegrift
Age: 21 (March 19th, 1989)
Nationality: Brissian
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 135lbs.
Hair: Black, long, ponytail
Eyes: Brown

Clothing/Appearance: Unlike the rest of the WFAP members, she wore her own set of uniforms that were handed down from earlier generations of the Brissian military. If not wearing her 1886 Blue uniform (resembling Imperial German Army M1842/M1856 dunkelblau uniform) along with her Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre and scabbard, at moments of leisure she would wear a Field Cap, with her ponytail sticking out in the rear, a M44 Trousers (Keilhosen), a black Sweater and Ankle Boots (Black) w/ gaiters. During active duty or combat she would add additional gear. Composed of a M44 Jacket, Winterarnabzug Trouser (reversible Heer Splinter/White), M44 Breadbag, Combat Suspender ("Y" Straps), Equipment Belt w/ belt loop, Tragestell 39, Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre and scabbard, M31 Mess Kit (medium weathering), M31 Water Bottle with hair -- Standard and M40 Ammo Pouch. At almost every moment, she would always tie her hair up into a ponytail. Although she does not resemble the features of a woman at her age, her physical body is well developed and fit to resemble a female warrior/soldier. One may not consider her facial feature to be that of a beauty, but of an innocent, cute young woman/teenager.

Personality: By most WFAP members she is known as Alex, short for Alexandra or 'Archer', a name that she designated to herself based on her usual role as a scout (By air or ground). She is both calm and collective, in other words, cool and always prepared. She tends to be very reserved, keeping everything on her mind to herself unless necessary. She's both creative and curious, always seeking and learning new things. At times she contradicts herself in some ways. Her current self aims to achieve a personal goal, to find the answer to a question. She believes that the answer exists somewhere in the world and that with WFAP, she would find it.

Abilities: Aircraft piloting(only single propelled aircraft), some Engineering skills(still learning), HALO jump (parachuting as well), Fencing/Sword techniques, mastery of Basic and Advanced firearms(not including heavy duty weaponry)

Languages: Brissian (native tongue)
Different Gaian native languages (Enough to understand and speak)

Likes: Wearing uniforms, reading books, experimenting, training(sword and gun), nature, various animals, travelling to place, flying planes, tinkering with machinery.

Dislikes: Stalkers, annoying people, loud people, not achieving, addictive matters(alcohol and drugs), being bound to rules(unnecessary or already common sense).

Weapons: A Browning 9 millimeter Hi-Power, Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre, MP44 w/Vampyr IR Scope & Battery Backpack w/ weathering.

Story: Born to a family with a strong military background had only influenced her to follow the footsteps of her parents as well as their parents before them and so on. Her family's history traces back to the forming and unification of the monarch, earning her family a position of both nobility and knighthood. Her father was a senior officer in the infamous special force unit "The Briss Boss". Her mother a medical officer. Her two elder brothers, military soldiers like their father. Archer had always lived a single lonely life, with most of her family always away or busy. She never received the love her parent nor her siblings. Her grandfather on the other hand would always spare time to tell her stories and tales of his military career as well as their family's history and that she was to be proud to be born a Vandagrift. He showed his love to her in another way. She learned most of her knowledge under the strict guidance of her grandfather, ranging from languages, literature, fencing, horse-riding, firearm mastery and so on. Her lesson however came to a soon end with his death when she was 20.

Having never accomplished her training and learning, she pondered herself in deep thoughts regarding her grandfather's last words on humanity. All she needed was to ask herself this one yet simple question and forever change her life, "Why do we always fight and kill one another?". With determination to seek the answer, she left her home and homeland. She took everything she could find, including all the personal belongings handed down from her grandfather as per his will. She left to travel the world, travelling to different countries such as Arcand, Desseria, and in particular the neighbouring country, The Gaian Confederacy. It was a time of conflict, it was only normal that she would always find herself involved in another person's war. For a year, she travelled from one place to another as a mercenary, seeking answers in various battlefields. Yet never have she ever achieved the answer. Others perceive her as being a cold-hearted person, others a lunatic and sometimes a lost soul. But for her, there was no need to ponder herself in the things she had done.

It was only normal that she had made a name for herself. Government officials, bounty hunters, criminals, mercenary groups seeking her alike. Some would usually try to kill her to earn fame and money. Her reason to join WFAP was nothing special. It was simply an invitation from a captain within the WFAP. An invitation that she took in order to have access to certain resources in order to continue her own pilgrim. Above all else, unbound to useless rules that would get in her way. It was the usual agreement she had with previous groups. They give her what she wants, she would complete the job they give. They leave her alone, she would leave them alone. Nothing personal.
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Alexandra 'Archer' Vandagrift

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