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 Jordan Gray

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Jordan Gray _
PostSubject: Jordan Gray   Jordan Gray Icon_minitimeWed Aug 18, 2010 6:12 am

Name: Jordan Gray
Age: 20
Gender: Female
DOB: 20 July 1990
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 136
Hair: Brown, shoulder length
Eyes: Emerald Green
(Looks like the chick in my avi pic)

Appearance: Jordan's skin is soft, imbued with a rich tan. Her eyes are bright and welcoming, a pall of security she has learned to show the outside world. Her right arm is covered in tattoos; tribal markings in hues of blue and silver. Her left forearm is marked with a deep scar, extending from the crook of her arm to the start of her wrist. Down her right leg is the same designed tattoo that marks her right arm. Jordan has an athletic body, signified by the definition of her musculature.

Since she's not one for dressing up, Jordan usually wears a simple form-fitting black tee, dark blue sweatpants bunched at the knee, and an old pair of cross trainers. Her left ear is pierced with four silver rings, her right gauged.

Personality: Jordan is the "speaks-when-spoken-to" type, never speaking out for fear of ridicule. She is anxious and obsessive compulsive, yet she hides these fears under a mask of stability and a smile. Overall, she is a warm-hearted spirit, caught under the weight of her psychological pain. When angered, she usually turns to sarcasm to relieve it. When on the border of tears, she usually hides it behind a smile and small jokes, jokes only she usually laughs at. She's ambivalent to a fault.

Likes: Silence, the ocean, a good book
Dislikes: Excessive drinking, cardboard pizza, disrespect

Weapons: Winchester Model 1912 Shotgun
Seranto (Native tongue)
Arcand (Fluent)
Abilities: Though she may not look it, Jordan's quite the fighter; she didn't get that scar on her arm for no reason, after all. She has a good amount of skill with her fists, as well with her trusty shotgun. Her main skill is medicine, which is what she brought to the Winged Foxes.

Story: Jordan, though her name may not show it, was born in Castandor, on the coast of Amaligna. Her father was the chief of the fisherman's guild. Her mother was a midwife at the local hospital. Jordan spent most of her time at the family's stable tending to the horses with her grandfather, uncle and two sisters. It was there that she became the expert rider that she is today.

Jordan became extremely distant from her family when her mother died a week before Jordan's seventeenth birthday. Knowing all too well that her father would be unable to care for all of the children, so she took her up on herself and left Amaligna for the industrious city of Forli.

During her very short time in Forli, she found very few employment opportunities. She even had to go so low as to sell her body to wealthy foreigners just to afford her next meal.

It took an unwanted pregnancy from her final client to keep her off the streets. She spent the next nine months working as a tray girl in the local hospital, receiving routine pre-natal care, three square meals, and a place to stay. When she delivered her first child, she was weeks away from her eighteenth birthday. She decided to leave her child with the local church, knowing well enough that she would be unable to care for her child. Her child was in the hands of God, and she was thankful for that.

Finally, she made it to the capital city of Amalfi, where she joined the local National Guardsman. They trained her in the ways of the modern soldier, building her into a weapon. However, she was harshly discriminated against for being a woman, so one night, she took a weapon with her and deserted her post, never to look back.

Jordan managed to meet up with the Winged Foxes during one of their stops in the capital. She joined their crew as a medic, and is yet to return to her home.
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Jordan Gray

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