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 Sarah Hartman

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Sarah Hartman _
PostSubject: Sarah Hartman   Sarah Hartman Icon_minitimeWed Aug 18, 2010 3:39 pm

Name: Sarah Hartman
Age: 23 (April 12, 1987)
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 105lbs.
Hair: brown and going everywhere; bobby pins, clips, and ribbons scattered throughout
Eyes: honey yellow
Abilities: hand to hand combat, weapons training, marksmanship, information retrieval, lock picking, fast running, camouflage, acrobatics
Likes: candy, cake, food, RPG’s
Dislikes: yelling, pain, anything that doesn’t taste good
Weapon: KML21 Bohrium
Story: Hartman joined the Gaian Leviathans shortly after graduating from high school. She was a serious individual that did not accept ineptitude and failure was not an option. Training came easy for her due to this, and she soon went into operation. Gaining the rank of a Lieutenant, she was placed in charge of a squad.

A leak in Intel caused the quick end to her career however; as a surprise attack one day while in Von Helson territory caught the entire squad off-guard. Those that weren’t killed immediately by the raid were captured and tortured for information; Hartman being one of them. Held for a number of months without talking, her sanity slipped her; and her personality began to change.

The facility she was being held was raided one day by a group of Levanian’s looking for airborne pathogens. Instead they found her, which they left with. Spending some time in their country recuperating; Hartman was no longer serious. Bubbly and always happy, she never runs out of things to talk about, even if there isn’t anything to say. She eventually left Levania to wander around the world aimlessly. Being picked up by slavers and having nothing else to do at that time, Hartman went along with being brought to Norune. Deciding she didn’t feel like being sold to anyone, she escaped.

Arcand: fluent
Levanian- fluent
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Sarah Hartman

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