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Icelandia _
PostSubject: Icelandia   Icelandia Icon_minitimeThu Aug 19, 2010 1:48 pm

Icelandia exists closer to the imaginary axis point of the planet than the other countries it shares water with. Without direct sunlight, the temperatures are below freezing on the warmest of days and the skies lay darkened for much of the year round. To combat the lack of light, the foliage there grows many times the size of its equatorial cousins, and has adapted to feed off the free magic that drifts towards the planet's poles, as well as the light the vast leaves can capture.

many of the root systems exist above ground, there to absorb all the free magic it can absorb, whilst subterranean root systems exist to drink from the semi-liquid water that exists many hundreds of meters down, and absorb what nutrient exists in the chilled soil. A large number of the plants here make up for what nutrient they cannot absorb from the soil by developing carnivorous leaves that feast on the local wildlife by first crushing its pray with up to ten tons of pressure, and then digesting the corpse with acids potent enough to digest vehicles.

The trees here can grow to a thousand meters or taller, absorbing the moisture and free magic caught in the clouds that pass their leaves. Their above ground root systems can be driven upon, and sub-subterranean root systems can be akin to the roots of mountains. many of the smaller, sub-canopy foliage can be walked upon and their carnivorous leaves expansive enough to cats Jeeps; especially those that lie in wait upon the ground.

The animals here have adapted to the part-tundra part-rainforest over the years, becoming just as viscous as the plant life itself; much of the herbivorous are quadrupeds, and are six meters in height when standing on their rear legs. Covered in external bone armour that can be several feet thick, some appear like giant rhinos with the exoskeleton of an armadillo whilst others are like elephants, naturally armoured for war. The carnivorous animals have adapted to tackling such pray, with jaw muscles that can exert unmeasured tons of pressure and teeth that are lined with the iron found in humans for strength; many are larger than their pray, although most are larger by a barely a few feet. One variety of carnivore, seen only a few times, stands eighteen feet in height - although it is believed that this kind is dying out gradually through lack of nutrients.

The natives.

The native sentient beings here are known as the Pantheran. Believed to be a species of Feline, rather than a true species of Human, the Pantherans have been exploited for their primitive nature, and part-human appearance and anatomy, throughout history.
Anatomically, they are closer to big cats than they are humans; their ears, eyes and tail are akin to a cats both in appearance and position, differing only in the fact that they are scaled to suit their bodymass. As too, do their teeth, thick fur, senses, internal biology and hunting techniques call back to the Felidae family.

The Pantheran's digestive anatomy points to them being carnivorous, but they have shown signs of some omnivorous diet; akin to how humans are anatomically set up to be herbivores, but still eat meat. Pantherans, on the other hand, will only eat plant matter as a last resort; their intestinal tracts are too short and smooth to correctly absorb nutrient from plant matter, and are better suited to the disposal of animal matter; their stomach acids too are more ferocious, and being primarily carnivores, they do not suffer with cholesterol, nor do they require fibrous protein in their diet.

Built for surviving in a land that might get a few hours of sunlight a month, their senses are catered for darkness. Their eyes are set up primarily for low frequency light, meaning that inferred is on the menu, but any frequency above the colour yellow is either invisible or painful to look at - like staring at the sun. Thanks to this, their eyes barely function in daylight; in darkness, though, their eyes surpass even nightvision. Thankfully, unlike a human's, a Pantheran's eyes aren't their main sense. Whilst humans naturally map their world with their eyes as a primary sense, pantherans primarily map their world via their acute senses of smell and sound, using their eyes only for fine-tuning or authenticating that can't be easily heard or smelt. Therefore, a Pantheran less sees the world as colours, and more of a map of smells and sounds; with sight taking a back-seat.

physically, they're built for hunting and surviving in a land where everything wants to kill you. In icelandia, they hunted in two ways; one was to wait in ambush, and then leap out at their unsuspecting pray. However, if that failed, they could outrun practically anything they came into contact with. The average Pantheran can clock up running speeds of 25Mph (40Kph), and sustain such a spring for a good half an hour before they finally tire and have to stop, or risk suffering muscle damage.

To manage this, the Pantheran's bodies are build for agility and speed; their bones are lightweight and hollow, their muscles are built for speed rather than strength, and their body clocks at three times the speed of a humans.
A Pantheran's blood pressure is thrice that of a humans, whilst their heart-rate is quadruple that of a humans; this is because Pantherans need more blood-vessels to carry the extra oxygen to their muscles. Blood vessels also line the insides of their hollow bones, acting as an internal coolant, stopping their muscles from overheating.

To keep their centre of gravity down, pantherans are relatively short; averaging around 5' 3", although they can grow up to 5' 5". Growing physically extremely quickly, they are generally considered to be fully matured physically at the age of 11; although they are ready to produce offspring between the age of 9 and 10. it is generally agreed that any Pantheran parent over the age of 14 is a "late-bearing parent".

Of course, all this makes Pantherans weak when it comes to physical strength, and their bones, being light, are also extremely fragile; it is generally agreed that a blow that might knock a male human out, would outright kill a Pantheran easily. Therefore, pantherans and guns don't mix; anything above a 5.56millimetre round is risking breaking bones from the recoil, and assault rifle's sheer weight is a task to hold, making aiming difficult. However; Pantherans are extremely accurate when it comes to bows or crossbows, and thanks to their agility are extremely good swordsmen. They also make excellent freerunners, smugglers and thieves.

The Pantheran language consists of grunts, yaps and movements of the eyes, ears and tail, which is impossible for humans to imitate. Therefore, when Pantherans started to be kidnapped from Icelandia as use as slaves, they were forced to learn Arcand. in packs, they still 'speak' Pantheran, and have naturally grown an almost xenophobic hate of humans and their languages, although there are exceptions.

Pantherans were never truly accepted into free society. Although free Pantherans exist, they are still viewed by many as Slaves without a master; not that every Pantheran is a free Pantheran. For this, the Pantherans are rather tightly strung towards any race but pantherans, and have known to snap unexpectedly after being pushed too far, slaughtering entire rooms until someone can catch them.

Because of their accelerated metabolisms, pantherans have very short life-spans. By 15 they are considered middle-aged, and the average lifespan for a Pantheran is 30 - 40 years. 50 year old Pantherans are considered elders. Unlike other races, Pantheran's bodies don't degrade as they age. By the age of 40, they are still as healthy as they were at the age of 10; no Pantheran has ever truly died of body degeneration, but simply heart failure.
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