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 Felix "Kitten" Tenebrae

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Felix "Kitten" Tenebrae _
PostSubject: Felix "Kitten" Tenebrae   Felix "Kitten" Tenebrae Icon_minitimeFri Aug 20, 2010 11:18 am

name: Felix Tenebrae.
Nicknames: 'Kitten'.
Age: 12
Gender: Male.
Race: Pantheran.
Fur Colour: Dark grey/Black.
Eye Colour: Red.
languages Spoken:

Felix's mother was taken from Icelandia pregnant as a new batch of slaves. Upon being born, Felix was removed from the care of his mother to mature without a parent bond, as to make him easier to slave off. By the age of ten, Felix had killed several of the slavers and guards, and escaped with his mate, Rebecca. Within weeks of escaping, Rebecca gave birth to a litter of children, or Kittens - three healthy males, a healthy female, and a second female, who was the runt of the litter.
The birthing left Rebecca weak; and whilst Felix went off to hunt for some food, the slavers finally caught up with what they believed was rightfully theirs. When Felix returned, the children had been taken, and Rebecca lay still, a head wound visible as a dent in her temple, and body lifeless and void of breath. After burying the woman he had planned on spending his life with, Felix swore revenge on the people who had taken her life, and removed the children from his grasp.

Now at the age of 12, Felix is still looking for ways of getting his family back. With a few dirty dealings - which only upped his wanted status - he purchased himself a crossbow, and a set of retractable wrist-blades. He refuses to have the wrist-blades removed, albeit for bathing, sleeping or service. Felix vowed never to stop wearing them until his family is returned to him. The blades themselves are two to a sheath, and protrude from their cases when sheathed by 4 inches, leaving an inch of blade protruding over his knuckles. When unsheathed, the blades sit six inches past the knuckles; with a total blade length of ten inches. The blades have been known to be able to remove limbs.
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Felix "Kitten" Tenebrae

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