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 Kayla Ann Pascal

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Kayla Ann Pascal _
PostSubject: Kayla Ann Pascal   Kayla Ann Pascal Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 9:57 am

Name: Kayla Ann Pascal

Age: 29

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 143 lbs.

Hair: Golden blonde, pixie cut

Eyes: Dark blue

Languages: Arcand, Levanian

Abilities: Leadership, diplomatic personal skills, and various connections.

Likes: Uniforms, routine, running, swimming, cloud watching, doodling, background noise, geology, and spoken stories/radio plays.

Dislikes: Make-up, alcohol, explosives, static electricity, and animals. [She doesn’t mind pantherans so much, since she doesn’t have to clean up after them. She does tend to be harsher on them about picking up after themselves than she is on humans, though.]

Weapons: M1911 pistol

Kayla was an army brat through and through. Her family has a long line of military personnel. She's the first of her family to join the air force. Though some of her family was disappointed in the choice of branch, she was generally smiled upon for going into the military at all.

That's not to say that she always the promise child. She went through an extremely rebellious stage when she hit fifteen, which didn’t end until her early twenties. This rebellion eventually mellowed out enough for her to willingly enroll into the armed forces. Boot camp broke whatever last vestiges of needlessly rebellious nature were left in her and gave way to her more openly idealistic views on life.

Kayla was stationed in various places along the border of the Von Helson lands. After her three year service she was promoted to lieutenant. Her time on the border was relatively uneventful, despite all the turmoil within the country itself. Kayla tended to be stationed as a guard for the air bases near the area. There were many small incidents of natives of the area trying to break in and take supplies for themselves. Generally, they were disorganized and lightly or completely unarmed.

There was, however, an organized militia group against the aristocracy of the Von Helson lands attacked supply bases simultaneously. The skirmishes that followed were generally bloody, save for the base that Kayla’s crew was in charge of protecting. Despite this, the ensuing battle was where Kayla received her facial scar. Her crew made more prisoners than causalities and despite generally grumbling from some of the men actually stationed there, it was less of a headache for the officers in charge. When Kayla put in a request to lead an anti-boarding party on the supply ships themselves, it was granted.

Six months prior to meeting Captain Leper of the WFAP, Kayla was leading an anti-boarding crew on the Arial. The Arial's cargo had been classified on a 'need-to-know' basis, which Kayla was perfectly fine respecting. When they landed to refuel the airship, Kayla was informed that this classified cargo had little to do with the Gaian military at all. The cargo was for a general in the Gaian military, which was to be used to fuel a revolt in the Von Helson lands against the aristocracy. The general had personal interest in this upcoming revolt, which was to be led by someone close to the general.

In exchange for the general's name, the relation's name and how the two were related, Kayla was to help make sure the cargo did not arrive at its destination. The plan succeeded, she was quickly identified and was forced to flee.

During that time, Kayla became acquaintances with many of underworld contacts. Most of them were other merchants of information, though she knew many people from various unscrupulous trades. From these people, Kayla was able to gather that her real crime was never listed among the many things she was wanted for. She was also told that a few of her former long-time crew members have gone missing, though no one seems to be aware whether this is at all related.

Kayla has gone back and forth between being as productive as she can be and sinking into bouts of alcoholic depression. In the times that she is productive, she tries to see what she can find out about the general, his relation, the rebellion and if anything about it ever came to fruition.

Kayla spends quite a bit of time at the local pub, keeping her head down.
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Kayla Ann Pascal

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