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 Mitchell "Bear" Sawyer

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Mitchell "Bear" Sawyer _
PostSubject: Mitchell "Bear" Sawyer   Mitchell "Bear" Sawyer Icon_minitimeSun Sep 05, 2010 11:28 pm

Name: Mitchell "Bear" Sawyer
Age: 40 (DOB 06/06/1970)

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair: Dark brown, shoulder length.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Diet: Prefers red meat, especially a good steak.

Casual: Steel capped work boots, cargo pants, t-shirts.
Combat: GP boots, cargo pants, t-shirt, combat smock, webbing, balaclava/beanie or bandanna/shemagh.

Abilities: Marksman, CQB, Demolitions, Sniper/Spotter, Wheelman, Ambidextrous, Knife/Short Sword Fighting
Weakness: Hearing loss in right ear, cheap cigarillos, expensive whiskey.

Modified FN FAL/L1A2 SLR "Bitch" (Shortened heavy barrel, foregrip)
Modified Remington 870 (Shortened barrel, reduced internal capacity, trigger disconnector removed)
Colt 1911 .45 ACP
S&W Model 39 "Hush Puppy"
Mk.1 Trench Knife

The Remington and the langseax are slung in a specialised shoulder rig with the shotgun protruding from behind Bear's left shoulder, the langseax on the right. This allows for quick draw of either weapon. The Remington is secured to the rig with a lanyard running from the stock to the specialised holster/boot, the langseax with a magnet in the hilt/scabbard.

Arcand - Fluent
Dessarian - Average
USL - Poor

Bear prefers to keep his personal history to himself. Not to be secretive, just believing his history to be his own business. What he does let others know is very limited - only covering his military career in brief, nothing before this, nothing about his childhood or family. Bear does not reveal his place of birth or even what military nation he was formerly a part of. His accent - or lack thereof - gives nothing away, if anything a hint of Gaian. Choosing not to speak unless absolutely necessary, he remains quiet and mysterious.

He joined the military young, lying about his age to support a nation at war. After excelling in combat he was selected to join a commando unit and successfully led several raids and rescue operations. One such operation led to the extensive scarring to the right side of his head and the partial hearing loss in his right ear. Showing his prowess as a marksman he undertook sniper and spotter training, demonstrating skill as a spotter. After being sent on a target elimination job he turned against his nation after being ordered to fire on a young boy, a supposed arms dealer. Bear went underground, selling his skills as a mercenary before turning hermit and living off the land for several years. Feeling the urge to fight for a cause again, he found his way into the employ of the WFAP.
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Mitchell "Bear" Sawyer

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