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Molandum _
PostSubject: Molandum   Molandum Icon_minitimeMon Sep 13, 2010 9:08 am

This nation is often considered the crown jewel in both the Arcand Empire as well as the Norune trading Empire. When the nation was first discovered by Arcand merchant navies in the 1600s, it was immediately prized by the Empire for its vast supply of spices, tobacco, sugars, minerals, and coal, as well as the fertile land.

Of course, such beauty came with a hefty price tag. In the Merkakis tongue, Molandum means "Mountain of Fire". At the center of the nation, sits a very large shield volcano, dormant and smoking. It was the cause of the fertile land and the abundant mineral resources. In 1821, the mountain erupted, sending off a lava flow down to the outlying villages below. Luckily, no one died, though entire colonies of the Arcand were wiped out. To aid in rebuilding, the Arcand allowed the Norune to set up ports along the coastline of the nation, charging them a light tariff as rent for them to stay every year. To this day, the dignitaries of both empires hold a ceremony to make the payment.

The natives of the region keep to small villages within the jungle surrounding the foot of the volcano, high up on massive mounds to keep from burning. Throughout the centuries, pahoehoe shells have built up around the mounds, keeping them protected from any future lava flows. The natives speak Merkakis, as their ancestors that migrated from the Andur lands due north did when they first arrived. Many are willing to fight alongside the Arcand, but many others resent occupation from both empires and see it fit to occasionally raid and cause havoc within the merchant ports and colony towns.

The ceremonies of the natives differs quite substantially in the region, surrounding their world with the thoughts of dark magics to work for one's advantage at the disadvantage of their enemies. Voodoo ceremonies are a common practice among the native populous, and it is not surprising to hear the thundering of drums and blasting of conch shells in the distance through the thicket of jungle separating the "civilized" people of the Arcand and Norune from the "barbaric" tribes. One could even see the orange glowing of bonfires dotting the landscape near the volcano. However, the archaic practices did not remain with the natives in the jungles, as several that came to the service of the colonists in the ports still have altars around the cities venerating the voodoo spirits, and even some esteemed witch doctors within city limits.

The Arcand Empire sees itself to keeping slavery out of their crown jewel. Though, with the presence of the Norune underground, the slave trade, though illegal in the region, still thrives in the black market.
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