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PostSubject: Caissic   Caissic Icon_minitimeWed Sep 15, 2010 3:23 am

When Caissic was discovered by the small group of fishermen and their families in 1699, the land was cold but fruitful. It seemed mostly uninhabited, yet there remained the mystery of what it was that was causing the tips of the mountains to belch billowing smoke at random locations.

A jagged rock under the shore ripped a gash through the ship's hull, ensuring a long stay. Salvaging what they could from the wreck, they installed their first colony, raising the banner of the Arcand nation over their new settlement, which they dubbed Enys. This became the first city established by humans in the region. Over the years, the population grew slowly, as harsh winters and strange disappearances were the norm. Settlers died of the cold, and many who sought out to hunt in the mountains disappeared. It was on one faithful day, however, that the local doctor decided to explore the mountainside to study the local flora and fauna, when he saw them. He quickly jotted down notes

He came back, alive, but badly beaten. The discovery caused somewhat of an uproar, and people began to get themselves armed for anything. Enys was fortified with large walls made of wood. Others took took the forests, never coming back to Ennis, so that they may form a new settlement.

An extremely brutal winter hit them that year, nearly killing off most of the city inside because of famine and hypothermia. A pile of blackened limbs and extremities formed outside the wall because of frostbitten victims. Death reaped half the settlers.

When the harvest came in the next year, the call was sounded to man the defenses for the approaching figures. The defenders looked on at several dwarves move slowly towards the wall, hailing them. Besides them, a few humans from the new settlement, carrying quite a bit of bulk. The dwarves had decided to help them in their hour of need, but only enough for them to survive in Caissic until a link was made between the settlers and Arcand. They learned to become expert blacksmiths, they learned how to harvest the best grains for food and drink, and they learned how to throw a grand party. They drank in the new year, emptying the casks of the dwarves, signaling the beginning of a fresh cask. To this day, the "Emptying of the Cask" is considered a great holiday in Caissic today.

A few months prior, the Harvest Festival takes place to prepare for the new batch of ale, as the malted barley and rye are picked and put to ferment till the new year. The Harvest Festival is the only time where the dwarves come down from the mountain settlements and mingle with the humans in Enys and her sister city, Saraid. The Festival expands to a time period of two months.

Caissic Ale and Metal Works are considered the greatest in the Arcand Empire, despite the fact the dwarves only taught the human settlers the elementary skills. The dwarves do not mingle with humans outside of the harvest festival, refusing to make deals with outsiders. Only the exports that pass from the hands of the human Caissic ever leave the country. The same applies to imports, as the Caissic tend to be the ones to receive it. Port cities have popped up, as the people of Enys and Saraid refuse to take in the trade directly so as not to offend their hosts.

The Natives
"The little men of Caissic were anything but ordinary men. They stood, at their tallest, a yard and a half (4' 6"). They are stout in appearance, yet can lift up to over four times their own body weight. Most of the men favor wearing beards down to their waists, braiding them. The women wear their hair just as long, going down to the short of their backs. They each have exemplary examples of metal works donned upon their person, and seem to also favor carrying a small cask of stout and ale with a tankard on their packs, along with a canteen. They also appear to be very hostile towards intruders." -Arthur S Wilmington, circa 1704
Further was discovered that dwarves lived up to 60 years, death resulting mostly in liver failure due to their drinking habits. Their stout figure and small stature enables them to live high up in the mountains, their lungs being proportionally bigger than their other organs to take in as much of the thin atmosphere as possible. Their unusual strength came from their constant working in the mines, metal works, and brewing on a large scale. Though the females of the species are weaker than the males, they can easily knock out a full grown adult human with a fist, sometimes resulting in the victim receiving internal body damage.

The Dwarves do not enjoy strangers in their country, and have become a great asset in the Arcand's fight to keep slavery out of the empire. However, this also might mean bad news to any incoming slaves, since they are still strangers.
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