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Xi-Tzu _
PostSubject: Xi-Tzu   Xi-Tzu Icon_minitimeSat Nov 20, 2010 4:01 pm

The nation of Xi-Tzu got its founding from the Tzu Dynasty. The two thousand year dynasty redefined the nation of Xi-Tzu, forming itself a strong willed nation that is rich in tradition and culture, with a charismatic Emperor overlooking the many magistrates in the kingdom. The nation's strong spice and silk markets have made it a prime trade haven for the Norune trading companies as well as garner the attention of the Arcand Empire so much as to get the Xi-Tzu annexed into their Empire. The land is fruitful, covered in rice paddies and forests upon the misty mountains surrounding several temples. The legendary Quin Monks study upon the highest mountain in the land, practicing their ways.

Trouble does brew within the land, as a Communist manifesto seems to occasionally attempt to take the land. However, the Arcand military has stamped out these rebellions in quick succession. However, one rebellion started through mysterious means was hard to put down, though the Empire's military and the Xi-Tzu militias forced the rebels back into the wilderness. The national language is Xaolin, however Arcand tends to be heard along the ports.

Though the Arcand Empire has abolished slavery within its regions, Xi-Tzu still holds slavery legal in its land, so as to meet the demand for workers in the rice paddies and to collect spices and silk.
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