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 Serenity Industries

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Serenity Industries _
PostSubject: Serenity Industries   Serenity Industries Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 5:19 am

Although not technically a country, Serenity Industries is a well respected, and equally well connected Arms Manufacturer that helped shape huge changes in Gaia and the world.

Originally founded in 1977, then reformed in 2006, Serenity Industries is one of the Gaia's largest arms dealer and manufacturer, specialising in a wide range of military technologies; ranging from small arms and bullet manufacturing, to data analysing and intelligence technology. The company is one of the lead suppliers of technology and weaponry to the UGMF and Gaian Security Forces, as well as quickly becoming a lead competitor in many of Gaia's neighbours; including Deseria and Briss.

After a successful operation during the Aekean Conflict in 2009/2010, Aekea City was handed over to the company to control, largely as an effort to restore the Aekean economy, but also in payment for the involvement of S.I.E.F. (Serenity Industries Expeditionary Forces) in the securing of Aekea City along side UGMF and Allied Forces. Aekea City has become one of the jewels in the companies' crown; quickly becoming a haven for investment in the financial, private military and manufacturing sectors. As the city is under Serenity Industries control, it is independent from Gaian and Aekean law. Instead, the city has become one of the world's first City State Corporatocracies.

In recent months, the company has been seen to move away from the creation of military hardware, instead aiming its sights on the much neglected software market, as well as dipping investments in alternative fuel, and the Planetary Colonisation technologies.
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Serenity Industries

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