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 Major Tom Milliken

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Major Tom
Major Tom

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Major Tom Milliken _
PostSubject: Major Tom Milliken   Major Tom Milliken Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 3:27 am

Name: Thomas Milliken
Nicknames: 'Tommy Boy', 'Coug'
Age: 15
Gender: Male.
Race: Pantheran.
Fur Colour: White with Grey Blotches.
Eye Colour: Yellow.
Languages Spoken:

When Thomas was born, his settlement came under a raid from slavers. Promptly, they were rounded up and taken into the airships to get to Norune. The Slaver convoy was ambushed on it's way back with the new batch by Arcand's Royal Air Force, arresting the slave ship's crew and promptly relocating the captured Pantherans from one ship to another cargo ship that was provided with First Aid and what have you.

Thomas's father and mother had been given the choice most Pantherans were given with the Arcand: Return to Icelandia, or become an Arcand Citizen. His father and mother chose the latter, taking him and his six brothers and sisters into the Arcand home isle, and his Father joined up with the military to fight in the Von Helson lands. However, he would not return, as he was later Killed in Action by a grenade that landed in his foxhole, killing him and his two mates instantly.

Thomas's turn soon came up to join up with the Arcand military, and he did so, joining up as part of the Army. He was soon transferred to the Royal Aerial Marines after proving his prowess at locating contraband on any smuggler ships going through Arcand Territory. He is armed with the EM-2 assault rifle, Webley Revolver, and an array of throwing knives and his trusty Machete.
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Major Tom Milliken

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