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 Jynx Corvus

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Jynx Corvus _
PostSubject: Jynx Corvus   Jynx Corvus Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 9:22 am

Name: Jynx Corvus
Age: 23
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 63.5Kgs
Hair: Read-headded, braided and wound into "cinnamon buns" style; loose strands of fringe decorated with beads and the like.
Eyes: Light blue.
Languages: Caissic (native tongue)
Arcand (Fluent)

Likes: Booze, machinery, wanton destruction, other Dwarves
Dislikes: Soft-drinks, quiet exhausts, other Dwarves, Elves
Weapons: Mk.5-Beta Exo-suit, "Widowmaker" Variation. Twin .454 Casull revolvers, 10lb Mallet

Story: Jynx grew up in Caissican in a large Mining colony, born to a Mother with a background in Engineering, and a Father who specialised in explosives and mine expansion.
Staying at home out of the way of the explosives work, Jynx was raised in a machine-shop, and soon came to adore the smell of hot metal, oil and machinery, and learnt to operate the machinery like a second skin, able to turn her hand to most anything that requires her attention.

In her early-teens, the Mine was visited by Mercenaries whom commissioned the build of powered exoskeleton suits. By her late teens, the Mk.5 Exo-Suits began rolling off the factory floor. Jynx by now had grown tired of the closed, cramped life-style of the Mine, and had become a skilled Exo-suit pilot and engineer, after years of building, refining and test-piloting Beta and Alpha-stage models.
She retained the original Beta-model of the Mk.5 Exo-suits, and over years continued to develop, modify and improve upon the design, never submitting her designs for development nor revealing her technical changes.

With the coming and going of the Mercenary fleet, Jynx's want for a more varied life than the dull Mining facility grew, until one day in her late teens, the Dwarf stole into the machine-shop, and left with the post-developed Mk.5 Beta-model Exo-suit - dubbed the 'WidowMaker variation' - alongside a full tank of diesel, in search of new, and better things.

\/ The Mk.5-Beta Exo-suit - "Widowmaker" Variation.

Jynx Corvus Mech_suit_by_flyingdebris
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Jynx Corvus _
PostSubject: Re: Jynx Corvus   Jynx Corvus Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 1:48 am

An Exo-Suit that Serenity Industries would be proud of. :D
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Jynx Corvus

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