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 The Flight Unit

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The Flight Unit _
PostSubject: The Flight Unit   The Flight Unit Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 5:26 am

Head of Flight - Samuel Garwood

Essentially the main body that makes up the Winged Fox Air Pirates, the Flight Unit is the center for the Air Pirate's Aerial Combat Units. Each member of the Winged Foxes in the Flight Unit is normally assigned to a squadron (unless stated otherwise), each with their own rank.

The Winged Fox Flight Unit is divided into Wings, each with their own unique Squadrons and aircraft.

Currently there are only two Wings; the Naval Wing and the Combat Wing. Each Wing is represented and lead by a Wing Commander. They have complete control over the Wing's Squadrons, but if changes are to be made they have to refer to the Head of Flight to varify any proposed changes.

Specialising in technology from the height of the Diesel-punk and early Jet eras (1920's >> 1960's), the pilots and crew of the Flight Unit are highly trained and experienced in the technology and skills of the period. Enemies who see the lower level of technology as a potential advantage are mistaken, as the Foxes are easily more than a match for modern technology, using a mixture of surprise, ambush and hit-and-run tactics to win the day.
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The Flight Unit

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